26 February 2009

SMC @ Pepp- The Live Blog Returns

7:59- Ok show I might have shown up to the game 20 min late, but traffic people! Its a problem in The Bu. Not to mention the few Fuzgin's I had

8:01- St. Mary's hits another 3. I'm assuming they hit another 3 because they are up 20-9, and if Patty Mills' injury they inserted one Aussy for another in white boy Will Hunter, who just hit the three. I'm Sherlock Holmzin' boys.

8:02- Mychel Thompson is going to the rim early. Maybe it's his 33% shooting, or his 30% shooting in conference, or his 26% shooting after the first 8 games, but trying to take layups seems like a great idea.

8:04- The Waves have now committed 4 straight 20-loss seasons, and the student sections seems to reflect that notion. No chants, no rememberable lines, no nicknames, nothing. They are doing the dice move to much.

8:05- If you have to hold a blue sheet and then yell out opposing players.....you might not be a fan. "HEY, NICE JOB.......#12!! YEAH!! FUCK HIM!"

8:13- SMC has such a balanced offense. Samhan and Simpson average around 27 points and 20 rebounds inside, and with our lack of post presence inside.....Then their guards shoot so well, especially the fellow Patty Aussie's Hunter and Hughes, they have almost what the Orlando Magic have in the inside/outside game. Its an offense on percentages, but when effective, its extrememly hard to stop.

8:15- HALFTIME- 27-20 Saint Mary's...Hasn't really been to exciting. Both teams have been shooting poorly (under 36%) and you don't even want to know from 3 (both under 23%). But has it been a defensive battle. Well, not really, just really poor shooting and a very VERY boring half. SMC has not made themselves the team that they are made out to be, and there is no reason the Waves (ok...Keion Bell and his newfound child) can't go on a tear at home behind a half-ass crowd and win this bad-boy by 1, who knows lets go crazy even 4.

8:31- And we're back...with another week attmept from our student section to upset SMC center Omar Samhan. I believe I said it best before the game when he was going out for shootaround...
"Hey Omar!"
"Yeah my man whats up?"
"Eat a fucking dick."

8:35- Mike Hornbuckle has probably had 1,359 picks set for him in his two year Pepperdine career, and did he pass to the roll once? No, no man that drives a Range passes to the roll. Lets be real.

8:37- Pepperdine gets two stops and two consecutive layups from Corbin and Darby to force a timeout by SMC. 32-36 with 15:28 left.

8:40- The momentum really seems to be shifting right now. Pepperdine so far has made great halftime adjustments, forcing a turnover right before the media timeout, 32-36 with 15 min left to go.

8:47- After a little scoring lowl, Bell hits a jumper from the elbow to cut the SMC lead to 4. Good times!

8:52- The 4th traveling call against SMC, but then they go on a 4-0 fast break-esque run to extend the lead to 8 with 9 left to go.

8:55- SMC's momentum now, Hunter and Hughes are dishing and shooting at will, 34-45 with 8 to go.

8:59- 13 down with 7 to go....its looking more unliklier by the second here in Malibu. The senior play and veteran coaching of SMC is proving too much down the stretch of this second half. Keion is forcing up bad 3-point shots, in turn leading to easy open-spacing offensive sets for the Gaels.

9:05- We finally break our dry spell with a Lorne Jackson jumper, but Simpson and Samhan finally proving too much for us to handle, and this blog is signing off, 38-55 SMC with 4:12 left to play. I know it when I see it.

SMC/Pepperdine Live Blog tonight!

Stay tuned here to LOP for a LIVE Blog (not Blogooo, Goo's new American Idol column coming soon) between Saint Mary's and Pepperdine. The game will be televised on FSN West, but Paul Sunderland, the worst announcer in the history of any form of basketball broadcasting, will be helming the Titanic of a watch tonight.
The Waves are 15-point underGods (see how I flipped that??!?!) tonight, so hopefully that creppy sailor on the left with Balto can find the strength to keep us from crapping in Keion Bell's daughter's crib.