29 May 2008

Coming to a Pepperdine rager near You

Final TT and DJ Scott Hobbs combine to have Kaos-type pads, in which you control music via touch and light, onto turntables.

Final Product // ATTIGO TT from Scott Hobbs on Vimeo.

Fresh son.

23 May 2008

Weirdest Album Covers of All Time

If you know me, I'm an LP kinda guy. Actually just got my first legit record player instead of the mono-speaker one I got for $10 at the Goodwill.
Let's just say I won't be buying any of these albums anytime soon.

Weezer- Pork and Beans

Weezer, the old geezers that they are, still rock, as evident of their new album and single "Pork and Beans" (along with album cut "Get Dangerous"). They are dork-rock and they know it. The majority of their album is (you be the judge) intentional comedy towards the music biz, and this video just sums up that the 'zer dudes are having a great time.

They know that you don't watch music videos on TV anymore, so why make one that is TV-worthy? In the video for "Pork and Beans" it is VERY Youtube worthy. As in they get pretty much every Youtube star (even Chocolate Rain, Ms. South Caraliona, and the Mentos dudes) known to man and somehow make an amazingly side-splitting video out of it. Long live Weezer!

It was only a Matter of time

I know I've been posting a lot of videos lately and not really trying to give you news, music, etc. but damn its summer and I could care less. I promise after Memorial Day I will bring some more to the table but for now I leave you with Facebook Gangsta.

The name says it all!

Have a great 3-day weekend!

LOP Team

Slam Dunk of the Century

22 May 2008

Breaking Artist- Flobots

Can't get enough of your white rappers? Denver-native Flobots are a mash-up of ska, reggae, hip-hop and Sublime that has taken modern rock by storm over the past few weeks. Their song "Handle Bars" peaked at #3 on the Rock Chart last month and they will bring their eclectic act to the Troubadour in Hollywood June 8th. Enjoy "Handlebars"

18 May 2008

Crystal Castles

I've been getting into electronic music a lot over the past year, and Crystal Castles is a great new indie band from Canda that uses a synthesizer and keyboard with Atari chips in it to produce Gameboyesque pop-electro, check out Vanished and Courtship Dating (from which Timbaland ripped off the synth to use for "Ayo Technology"

The Rock Band Treatment for Queens of the Stone Age

Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, let the animators for the amazing Rock Band (why this blog is called what it is) do work on his new video for 3s and 7s. Not a big QotSA fan but this is a interesting little video!

In other news....SNL has Steve Carrell and Usher on for their season finale (watching right now) and both are killing it. Usher dance moves haven't lost a step, keepin it straight funky fresh. John McCain also is stopping by to finally get his schitck in (Hillary and the Bama have already been on twice). BTW, if you have yet to catch The Office season finale.....wow, just wow, please click here and watch it so we can talk about it next time we run into each other.

Coldplay- Violet HIll

17 May 2008

eBoy- Los Angeles

If anyone has seen my computer in the last six months, you know I love graphic design team eBoy's artwork of city landscapes. Now they have up our good old City of Angels up on their site, which I'll put here, or you can just admire from down below...

Most Expensive Commercial EVER

No special effects, no computer-graphics, no trick camera angles. This commericial cost $6.2 million and took 606 takes to shoot and get perfect.

I Love the Bay Area and BART

I'm so glad I was able to find this for the 100th post at LOP. Enjoy 3 minutes of BART madness! Long live the hyphy movement!

14 May 2008

Scrubs Get the Shock Therapy Treatment

Like milking a dead cow, ABC has picked up LOP's beloved Scrubs for one more final season. And by season, they are picking up the show for an "8th and final season" mid-season (follow me on this) to air the final episodes that NBC didn't want to produce. Then, if the show performs well, ABC will pick it up for additional seasons. So....when is it gonna end is what I am asking? Give Scrubs the proper burial it deserves and give it a great last season instead of milking it for syndication money.

13 May 2008

Maroon 5 ft. Rhianna- If I Ever See Your Face Again

Somewhat of a remix to the opener of the their amazing 2nd album It Won't Be Soon Before Long. This is what, the fifth single of the album? Just goes to show how good it is. They update the song with Rhianna in it and rearrange the drums and synths in some parts. But who cares, your either staring at Adam Levine or Rhianna anyway (depending on which way you swing).

New Music Tuesdays

Ahhh, you taste that? It's not last nights In-&-Out still stuck in your teeth, its the warm sensation of summer tingleing your nostril hairs. So i guess its not a taste after all but a smell, a very comprehensible smell.
Summer can only mean one thing. No not summer lovin' you fuckin gutter-minded Pepperdinian, it means summer album. The big boys. Bringin out the big guns. You want Love in this Club? Usher is gonna give it to you pretty soon. Do you just wanna Viva La Vida all summer? Coldplay's got that for you to.
So the start of summer Week 1 of summer album has a pretty hefty lineup, and LOP has got the lowdown for you all summer.

First up, Derek's favorite garage-indie band We Are Scientists, whose debut album, 2005's With Love and Squalor was a great, fast-paced debut to get your groove on and smash some things when your parents wouldn't let you have the car for the night. After a couple months abroad (they are huge in the UK) the album Brain Thrust Mastery makes it way to the US. Gone is crazy-delicious drummer Michael Tapper, and the core duo of singer-guitarist Keith Murray and bassists Chris Cain lead the way. Its a shift in pace twoards a more bass-heavy, NewWave sound that harkens back to Duran Duran and other early 80's acts. One of the best pop songs of the year so far, "After Hours" is the single and I'll post it for ya here. They are also hillarious dudes so check out their writings and videos on their site here. Overall, I would download of few tracks, definetley not a stong body of work but has its bright moments.

Next up is the highly anticipated Death Cab for Cutie album Narrow Stairs, which is streaming live online for you to preview at MTV.com on their Leak page. I have listened to the album all weekend and I must say it is worth the praise. I would put it on the pedestal as the album to beat this year in the Grammy catagory (unless Radiohead's In Rainbows gets recognized). It is dark on subject yet upbeat in lyrics. The craftsmenship in musical detail is amazing, and credit goes to producer-guitarist Chris Walla making a beautiful record. I would strongley recommend buying this. There won't be too much like it the rest of the summer. The lead single "I Will Posses Your Heart" is a 8 1/2 minute long jam session that you won't turn off and it will stay in your head.

LOP favorite Kidz in the Hall comes at you with their first album on a label, The In Crowd. K'n'H is a Penn grad duo that brings their smooth, silky, we know-we-are-fly beats and rhymes front and center. The album is streaming on their myspace which can be found clicking on their name above. The first single's video can be found in a previous post yesterday, which is their most radio-ready single.

Also in stories today, N.E.R.D. comes back with Everyone Nose, Jason Mraz with We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. Ummm, sure Mraz.

The Title of the Vid Says It All...

10 May 2008

"Narrow Stairs" Streaming Online

The much buzzed about album from Death Cab for Cutie is now fully streaming online here.

Judge for youself, I haven't listened to it yet but from what I've read it has a chance to be a front runner for album of the year.

Anything with Zach Galifinakis makes me laugh

I honestly think its the beard.

09 May 2008

Coldplay Annouces the US Leg o their Summer Tour

The Viva La Vida tour kicks off in Philadelphia June 29th, but never comes to LA, bummer. Click here for all the tour dates.

John Mayer takes you Behind the Scenes

Excited for Saturday Night?

Well now you should be with Shia LeBeouf hosting SNL (w/ great new music by My Morning Jacket)

Pepperdine East?

The abroad program occupies a swank condo complex (a small percentage of it) just outside D.C. and students have a couple options on attending universities out there, so it will be interesting to see what Pepperdine does with the new property in the amazing location.
Will they turn it into another abroad house with classrooms? Will say flip the property and sell it?
The only thing known is that Pepperdine is starting to use its endowment (close to $900 mill and a massive on-campus rennovation) to makes "waves" (baduump....cha!) around the university scene.
I just wished they could realize a legit bball team would do five times that much for the school.

08 May 2008

Scrubs Series Finale Live Blog

So is this the Scrubs series finale or not? Several reports claim it is, including ABC, but EW.com was on the set with Zach Braff to discuss the series finale while he was filiming what may or may not have been a new episode or ABC, which own the rights to Scrubs anyway.
Regardless, it still holds a special place in our hearts, with it wierd and nutty/screwball world that they have created, and the premise or tonight couldnt serve the series (maybe) sendoff any better. A Princess Bride retelling in Scrubs format. Lets do it!

8:30pm- A piece of me is already lost, the season hasn't been very strong as it is so hopefully this Braff directed episode brings down the house.

8:31- Classic Doug quote to JD- "Hey JD you keep reelin them in, I'll keep reelin them out." "Awsome appropriateness Doug!"

8:32- Poor The Todd, finally gets the shun from everyone.

- Great banter so far, keep it up Cox!

- Poor Ted, he has only had one shining moment this entire series, and almost had one when he was asked what a court of law looks like (in his long depressed drawl) "We all wear black gowns and white-powdered robes," poor guy needs someone to buy him a girlfriend.

- They've really been trying to ram this JD/Elliot getting back together down our throats and we know they are going to get back together, so instead of letting it go on the entire season WHAM! us at the end!

8:34- Dr. Cox sets up the fairy tell quite nicely, let the play begin! BTW, i'm not watching basketball for this even though I have a DVR, thats how dedicated I am.

8:38- They don't even try and make Janitor (doesn't he have a name now?) like Andre the Giant, lol

8:40- The name for Turk and Carla, aka the two-headed witch, Turla

8:42- Ted's orange and black tie is just too much, the man needs a woman before this series ends people! What is The Todd's actor ever going to do after this? I couldnt take him seriously (even in comedic roles) in anything else. He should just keep high-fiving people for a living.

8:46- I've always had a crush on Jordan, its gonna be sad to not see her on Thursdays anymore. At least I'll have everyday on Comedy Central, WGN, KTLA and any other station willing to pay dirt cheap for repeats.

8:53- How did Kelso get his job back?!!? I'm struggling to figure this out, he walked out of the job, laughed at returning, and now he is back at the start of the episode as the cheif of medicine. Eh, whatever.

8:57- Ted's "Yeahaha!" flying his kite made the episode, he gets the greatest pleasures doing the simplest things.

Umm....the end i guess? For that possibly being the last episode, no conclusions were drawn other than JD and Elliot still being friends (and Turk still have one testicle). But I really liked the ending, when the "fairy tale" Cox told his kid was not reality. It sums this series up for what it always has been: no matter what the shenanigens they guys get into, or how odd JD's dreams are, or how much The Todd creeps us out, they are still doctors at the end of the day, and have to deal with the struggles that come with it.
Did anyone else notice the new "ABC Studios" logo at the end? Certainly hasn't been there before so from what it seems we might see some more Scrubs, we might not, but I think the series ended on a positive note and doing what it does best, be quirky and goofy while still reeling it in in the end.
Now onto The Office and 30 Rock (waaayyy better than The Office by the way)

07 May 2008

Coachella 2008- When Pigs Flew

For those who couldn't cram into the Sahara Tent to catch the Chromeo/Justice back-to-back extravaganza on Sunday night, Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd) offered the biggest visuals and soundscape to end out the festival in style, not to mention his always there flying pig. The "Obama Pig" (as it was dubbed by his name on the belly) hit the high winds over the desert and decided to take off mid-set.

Monday, Waters offered $10,000 for the lost pig, which ended up splitting in half over two backyards in nearby Palm Desert.

We Are Scientists- Chick Lit

We Are Scientists vs. tiny dogs, what more could you ask for?

From their new album Brain Thrust Mastery which comes out next week here in the US. I have the UK version and its a solid album from the funniest dudes in indie rock.

Even 2-Year Olds Love WAS

06 May 2008

Coachella 2008- Who Needs Daft Punk?

Go to the 1:20 mark and just see the dance party erupt when Justice's Phantom erupts and the fists get to pumping! I will be there next year!

More Coachella stuff to come after I watch American Gangster tonight!

Walberg Finda a New Job

The Walbergs are out looking for houses to settle in and hopefully the situation works out for Vance and the family. An assitant coaching job at the college level is probably where he should have started, but its a new start anyways for the man who most Pepperdine boosters would like to forget.

We're So Sorry We've Been Gone...We've Been Busy _______

.....Living the Good life! Lights Out Phoenix is back!