31 March 2008

Amen Pelosi!!

Lets get political sexy for a moment, talk about the environment for a second sexy....

You comfortable?

We need to boycot the Olympics along with everyone else. 
Because on top of Beijing (and China) having some of the worst pollution in the world, the also have relocated hundreds of thousands of Beijing's city dwellers to build up for the Olympics.
Some of the top athletes in the world have already boycotted or stated that they will wear masks throughout the opening and closing ceremonies.
Let's get something done for once Dems!!

30 March 2008

Paramore and Phantom Planet

That could be a good spring concert yeah?

Singing, no yelling, California at the top of your lungs then getting your emo on to Hailey and the boys??

This chick was so rock and roll she brought her own tamborine!!

Shake whatcho momma bought ya girl!!!

Images via the Cobrasnake

Like My Dad Dad?

Somewhere Will Be Serving Hours

Had an amazing time tonight, hats off too:
The Ladies

went to Ketchup then Spumoni's, had a blast
pics will be up soon!!

now I leave you with my favorite song right now which happens to be my state of mind

We Are Scientists are a Brooklyn-based band that is very popular in England, and its a bummer they are not more popular stateside, their second album, which will be out in May stateside, is more of an indie-rock feel than there post-punk-revialist feel of their 1st album, which came at you like a shotgun shooting bricks

Brain Thrust Mastery, named after their hillarious pre-show therapy sessions with the crowd, is a lot more mature and layered, but lacks originality and just makes them another band. "After Hours" though is a great song and another great video from WAS, which was directed by Akiva Shafer, who is the director of great SNL Digital Shorts like "Dick in a Box"

28 March 2008

Vintage mae

I just foud this little treasure and it made me appreciate green screens once again. This mae video was recorded in 2003 and wow it is a jewel among emo music vids. This video reminds me of their new album, Singularity, where there is a lack of meaningful lyrics and energy. However, true mae fans can appreciate this!

Poor Guy...

Andrew Bogut must have no friends on the team, or times are tough in Milwaukee



Rise and shine short one, Kung-Fu today!

27 March 2008

Goo's American Idol Power Rankings

On Wednesday night in Hollywood, the token black guy on tv's most popular reality show, Chikezie, got eliminated, which leaves only one more black person on the show, being Syesha, who definitely is not one of the frontrunners. Come on America, how racist can we be; only one black person left when we all know that blacks have much better voices than us whites do. I think Syesha will last a long time getting all the support and votes from the black population, so I am declaring her a dark horse, remember this and don't be surprised if she keeps advancing. Well there is my rant about racism and my feelings about this week's show. Next week is country theme, which I hate but I'll be watching anyway . . . so here are my power rankings for the week.

1. David Cook - Has emerged as one of the frontrunners with his unique performances and adds a rock style to the show which a lot of fans love. And he is so sexy using his guitar all the time. Look out Chris Daughtry, you might not be the best rocker to come from AI.

2. David Archuleta - Personally I don't like him very much, but the viewers seem to eat this guy up. He is boring, singing slow songs every freakin' week, but it shows off his pipes at least. He is very short and soft spoken, so he kind of reminds me of a Mexican Jason Havner, and I love that guy, so he is kind of growing on me.

3. Brooke White - She is a very cute girl with a great voice. Her performance of the Beatles' "Let It Be" was one of the best performances I have seen on AI since it first started. She is down to earth and very humble, which I think the people like.

4. Michael Johns - Really did great this week doing a medley of two of Queen's greatest songs, "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions." Starting to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. And his Australian accent is so goo.

5. Carly Smithson - Even though she was in the bottom three two weeks ago, I think she is awesome. She is a great singer but kind of annoying, so her personality may hurt her in the long run. Irish though, which means she could probably drink more beer than all of us combined.

6. Jason Castro - Has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard, and when he pairs that with his acoustic guitar, he is golden. It is interesting how is singing is less effective when he loses the guitar which can hurt his chances.

7. Syesha Mercado - Getting a lot better as she is improving and geting used to the bright lights of Hollywood. Very consistent. Also, Chikezie's elimination will really help her.

8. Kristy Lee Cook - It was her best performance since she's been in the top twelve and sang an American folk tale which made it impossible for people not to vote for her. Although she is always in the bottom three I think she is surviving because she is clearly the hottest contestant the show has ever had. I think we can all agree that we would put it in her butthole. No matter how bad she sings she will stick around a few more weeks . . . Sanjaya part duex.

9. Ramiele Marubay - Was sick this past week so I guess we can give her a pass, but she really needs to improve and step up if she wants to stick around. She needs to sing an uptempo song for once and let her big voice come out. Also, Asian contestants have never made it really far on this show which hurts her chances; here comes America and their damn racism again.

Well, there it is my top 9 rankings for American Idol. Off to watch my other gay show One Tree Hill on the internet and I also need to see that America's Best Dance Crew finale . . . go Jabbawockeez. See you bitches next week, love Goo.

There Goes My Bracket...

Whoever I owe money to for this tournament just take it now.

Psychological Research and Washington State Basketball

I'm in research right now, cheering on my boy Derrick Low as he plays Psycho T's Tar Heels.  They're keeping it close in the first half.  It looks like they're forcing NC to play the Wazzu type of game.  I'll see everyone in the Q 2 the izz0 tonight as we watch the madness.  Asalamalakam One Love.

PS  Congrats on your draft entry, Derek.

Smoke Inhalation

We burn the bed sheets like evidence
Leaving ashes of passion as our fingerprint
Long kisses engulf short nights only God could stop

Fingertips patrol your body while my mind conspires arson
Bed posts scream, “FIRE! FIRE!”
But a stop and drop won’t extinguish these flames
Pulsating bodies are our only witnesses

The morning sunlight shows the scorched scene smoldering pink
We are fugitives hunted by the letters l-o-v-e
I’ve loved for less, but this accomplice is finally true

Carpet Monkeys!! LOL

Fucking Human Giant.....its almost too good!

The Mexican Emo War Rages On

Anti-emo violence has spread throughout Latin American.....not kidding. It started about two weeks ago after a popular hardcore band went on a popular Mexico music channel and declared the emo-scene "fucking worthless".
Soon message boards flared up and the violence has spread throughout Mexico City, and is now even popping up in Chile and Argentina.
The Emo kids marched in Mexico City along with a big majority of gay groups to denouce the violence, which doesn't look like its going to end soon.
Because of Mexico's Catholic-conservative culture and society, the emo-scene and fashioned is denouced as "too feminine", so punks, hardcore-ers, and skinhead have made it their mission to destroy the scene.


A great game played by our US boys against Poland. Dominated the entire game on both ends, and three set pieces led to three goals. 2 free kicks and a corner helped the USMNT win 3-0 in front of a stunned sold out stadium in Poland. Landon Donovan helped the US get the first two goals with beautiful crosses into the middle. Then Eddie Lewis just embarassed Poland's goalie again (the 1st goal he could have easily gotten to) to piss on the entire country.

The USMNT faces a tough road ahead as they face Spain, England, and possibly Argentina before World Cup Qualifying starts this summer.

26 March 2008

Big Annoucement Tomorrow

All I can say is check The Graphic sports section tomorrow.....


A Beautiful Day in The Bu

Takin the trash out after the US 3-0 victory over Poland

Aqua Golf!

Spoon Just Knocks Out the Hits

All bands tend to have the "on the road behind the scenes video" for each album, usually the 2nd or 3rd single from the band. Spoon's latest Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is one goovy piece of work and if you don't feel this jam "Don't You Evah" (a cover of a previous indie band) then you don't like music.

Their minimalist sense of rock, with sparse guitar and steady drumming with an always funk/soul bassline makes for great stuff to put on at a party or do the HW to.

This video is kind of wierd though....very low quality, like they just took people's cell phone videos and spliced them together.

ASU Students...You're F***ed

Daddy Diesel aka Shaq, your new center out in the desert, is now a voluntary Tempe Town cop, so think twice about throwing that huge rager or steppin outside with that drink.


You remember him leaping over two rows of fans against the Spurs two weeks ago? That's going to be you except he'll be aiming to take you down.

Do We Even Have a Spring Concert Yet?

Here's a list of people going on college tours this spring, and I would honestly take any of them....but alas we will all probably be staying home this April instead of going to our usually solid Spring Concert, since we haven't heard of it yet.


Lupe? Jimmy and Paramore? The Bravery? lucky lucky lucky

We Didn't Make the List?!?!

Somehow Pepperdine didn't make the list of the top 50 of hottest schools (according to Popsomething) and I believe this is a TRAVESTY folks, where would you place us on the list?
Although some of the colleges make valid arguments (like Tennessee to the left of me), I feel that The Dine is within the top 30 schools in the nation, yes?
We definteley beat DUKE, who somehow with their Jersey Girls and honor-roll asians got in at #30

A Video For This??!!

Morning View is one of the best "jam" albums in our generation. If you haven't seen the "Morning View" DVD or on MTV you could see Incubus on this whole album was just becoming one with the Malibu skyline and Point Dume. In fact, the guitarst Mike Enziger, bought the place after the record company just leased to record Morning View two years ago and now calls it Casa Chica, where Coconut Records (aka Jason Shwartzman) recorded his album last summer.

This video was a complete mistery and I'm glad I found it, they defintley capture the "Jam" feel of the song

An Ode to the Webber

Oh Chris, you tried, you really did. You wanted that last playoff push to be with the first team that took you. But you're knees coudn't take it.

Too many times bending over and getting down for Detriot to "be that mercenary veteran to the win a championship" that so many try to do now (including my hatred for Sam Casselll now).

Some people say you're legacy will be calling the timeout you didn't have in college, but I feel those years with the Kings, when you made the NBA fun-ball when everyone else was averaging 85ppg was great.

The behind the back passes, double cross-over pull-ups and putting up with the Euros on the the team made you a star, oh and you dated Tyra Banks.

BTW, whatever happend to that?

Biblioteca Update

Don't worry...you're biblioteca is still where it has always been

We are talking about our intermural team Donde Esta Tu Biblioteca?

As Mike said, we lost our top-flight A-League game at the buzzer and it defintley effected us yesterday in our post-game celebration that we usually had.


Tonight in the B-League we dominated and it felt good. Everyone had a solid game and as always we played great D, our average per game is 25.2ppg (i made that up) in 28min of play so you do the math, no wait, thats less than 1 POINT PER MINUTE

So now Donde Esta Tu Biblioteca? established a warning sign to the other teams in the B-League, and now the Final Four beckons...

25 March 2008

Bed Head

"What is wrong with this banana? If the banana isn't ripened does it stick to the banana?"- Goooo

Lupe Bust's Out the B-Boy Flow!

Love the literal vibe of this video and Lupe dedicating it to the struggle in New Orleans. Lupe is Rap!

Caught Napping #1

Poor Gooo

Photoshoppin for an Article

Our Boys Pound The Beach

The 13th-ranked men's baseball team continued to roll after a 2-2 split last weekend at Oregon State, beating the #3 Long Beach St. Dirtbags 7-5 in Malibu.Nick Guadi made it interesting in the 9th to close it out for the Waves, as he loaded the bases, but got the job done eventually in front about 500 sparse fans.
We had a shitload of errors but eventually knocked their starter out.
We start conference play this weekend against the poop for brains Gonzaga Bulldogs (who actually goes to Gonzaga baseball games?) so expect us to climb up a few more spots in the rankings next Monday.

Once upon a time, I was the lead singer of a boy band...

Too Much of a Good Thing #1

That's a shitload of dogfood/poop to pick up

Best Pop Song So Far This Year...

Panic at the Disco completley change their soung without losing their knack for songwriting. Northern Downpour is one of the better examples of this, and is by far the most intriguing song on the album.

Writers Block

A day in my life

The alarm buzzed at 7:35 this morning and i contemplated a good excuse to try and ditch work. At 7:40 nothing came to mind so I slugged out of bed and got ready to catch the shuttle at 7:50 and head to another morning at the Office of Admission. Luckily, at work i discovered a good excuse to not go to my 10am class and e-mailed koorosh accordingly. 

We lost our first playoff game last night to a healthy, Greek-life oriented, individual who john forgot to cover at the arc. He nailed a buzzer beater and i wanted to drill my face into the wood floor. (Needless to say, we hate losing to Frats) We drowned our worries in the bottom of a plastic cup filled with cheap vodka and orangeade. Now I'm watching Jerry Springer which is airing the 1997 episode of "I'm pregnant by a Transsexual."

 I hope someone finds this post more interesting than i do