30 March 2008

Somewhere Will Be Serving Hours

Had an amazing time tonight, hats off too:
The Ladies

went to Ketchup then Spumoni's, had a blast
pics will be up soon!!

now I leave you with my favorite song right now which happens to be my state of mind

We Are Scientists are a Brooklyn-based band that is very popular in England, and its a bummer they are not more popular stateside, their second album, which will be out in May stateside, is more of an indie-rock feel than there post-punk-revialist feel of their 1st album, which came at you like a shotgun shooting bricks

Brain Thrust Mastery, named after their hillarious pre-show therapy sessions with the crowd, is a lot more mature and layered, but lacks originality and just makes them another band. "After Hours" though is a great song and another great video from WAS, which was directed by Akiva Shafer, who is the director of great SNL Digital Shorts like "Dick in a Box"

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