27 March 2008

Psychological Research and Washington State Basketball

I'm in research right now, cheering on my boy Derrick Low as he plays Psycho T's Tar Heels.  They're keeping it close in the first half.  It looks like they're forcing NC to play the Wazzu type of game.  I'll see everyone in the Q 2 the izz0 tonight as we watch the madness.  Asalamalakam One Love.

PS  Congrats on your draft entry, Derek.

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Rather Red said...

Correction... I did the research and it's actually, As-Salamu Alaykum. Means "Peace be with you" in Arabic. Brandished by Big on time travel episode of Rob and Big and Lupe on "Hi-Definition".

And it looks like I have a no-show for the last person I was giving this attention test to, so I'll be back home in no time.