25 March 2008

A day in my life

The alarm buzzed at 7:35 this morning and i contemplated a good excuse to try and ditch work. At 7:40 nothing came to mind so I slugged out of bed and got ready to catch the shuttle at 7:50 and head to another morning at the Office of Admission. Luckily, at work i discovered a good excuse to not go to my 10am class and e-mailed koorosh accordingly. 

We lost our first playoff game last night to a healthy, Greek-life oriented, individual who john forgot to cover at the arc. He nailed a buzzer beater and i wanted to drill my face into the wood floor. (Needless to say, we hate losing to Frats) We drowned our worries in the bottom of a plastic cup filled with cheap vodka and orangeade. Now I'm watching Jerry Springer which is airing the 1997 episode of "I'm pregnant by a Transsexual."

 I hope someone finds this post more interesting than i do


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