27 April 2008

Victory...Always Goes Down Smooth

Congrats boys on a hell of a game and a fantastic season (so far). NCAA Tournament this Thursday @ UC Irvine!!!

23 April 2008

Dirty Girl!

This is horrible, vulgar and hillarious all at the same time....Study Break No.-8, vulgar internet videos!!

22 April 2008

When Priests Fly...

I guess priests will do anything for positive media attention these days, including strapping themselves to a shitload of balloons and flying over cities to raise money. It just proves my theory right, South Americans are crazy (as is Hooch)!!!The only problem is the dude has not been found, winds blew him in the opposite direction of the town he was supposed to land in and he last had contact 6 miles out in the Pacific Ocean, poor guy!
Nature 1
Catholics 0
for now...

Neo's Battle Cry

Thrice- Digital Sea

21 April 2008

Happy Look-a-Like Day!

Hello signifigant others, finals is upon us, hopefully we have been of service with our study breaks, right now me and Gooo are sitting in our boxers watching PTI summoning dead spirits to take the rest of our finals for us. I must say we are quite bronzed and looking good these days. Speaking of looking good, happy Look-a-Like day! Hopefully you are not ugly and have a good looking person that is in or around your area of looks. Here are some examples.

I really can't tell these apart!

These neither!

Study Break No. 7

TV WATCH on EW.com

TV Watch is a great read after your favorite show. They have funny recaps and insight on shows like The Office, 30 Rock, Scrubs, The Hills, The Real World, Greys Anatomy, etc.

Here are a few to ponder at. (I'm working at the weight room so of course I'm reading them)

Untitled No. 8

This nighttime sky is still to me
the angels sing in the heavens to quench
the undenying love I feel for day
the still will fade away
the undenying love will sway
into the ground
into the grave

20 April 2008

An Ode to the Bros

Big shoutout to Ryan Russell over at Yale for this one. The Onion posted this gem back in 2007.

Bro, You're a God Among Bros by Zach Caldwell

Study Tips for Finals

As you all know, our hopefully you've awaken for your semester long high, finals are upon us in less than 24 hours. For some, this means nothing as they don't have finals or a test on Monday, for others, this is 24 hours of hell in a bottle that will be caffeine induced. Your adrenilane glands will be pumping, and you might even have to call your parents just to cry the pain away. We here at LOP have some pointers for you to keep the studying at a maximum while still having the great college expierience your parents and/or the government is paying for.

1. The NBA Playoffs

Over the next week, 16 teams will be in the NBA Playoffs and the matchups out West couldn't be any better. Check out a few games today through Wednesday, put the game on mute or just check out the 4th quarter.

2. Champions League Soccer

The UEFA Champions League is the top soccer club competition in the world, and the semi-final 1st games are taking place this Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a chance to finally watch a game of soccer, or have something to talk about with your international roomates.

3. Pull a Prank

There is nothing more rewarding than devising, planning, and pulling off the perfect prank. If you need/have a few hours to waste inbetween studying or finals fulfill yourself by making someone's life miserable. Remember, nothing is more satifying than stuffing someone's car full of packing peanuts. Some ideas can be found here

4.Taco Bell Run for a Bacon Club Chalupa

Gooo, SecondsAway and D-Rock had their first dandy of a new chalupa before the Waves crushed the Bruins in MPSF playoff action, and it is worth the 10 min. trip through the canyon to the nearest Taco Bell. Salty bacon, juicy and plump chicken breast, its the perfect white-man version of the taco. Who doesn't love chicken and bacon together? Great job Taco Bell.

5. Get that last day hook-up in.
So you've been quitley eyeing this girl in Humanities. She's not that good looking, but after eyeing her all semester she has somehow become hot to you. Don't blue ball yourself, get after it! Its right before "summer lovin" time, so call that apple of your eye up, pop in a chick flick, preferably Juno, because you want her to get the idea that yes....this is going down, don't hold back.
Remember, when pursuing this last day hookup, no cuddling time is allowed, cuddling leads to calling, and you don't want your summer internship with your summer fling to be interupted.
6. Masturbate
Need a 10-minute break? Need to fall asleep? Need to calm down right before a test? Diddle or fiddle with your box or junk for that needed relaxing break. Masturbation is healthy people, lets get real. And if #5 doesn't work out, then #6 needs to get done.
Have any more study break ideas?

16 April 2008

Glow in the Dark Tour Pic

Looks like Kanye's Stage is going to be ridiculous! The Glow in the Dark Tour, featuring Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco and N.E.R.D., starts tonight in Seattle and will be coming down to LA the 21st and 22nd, both shows sold out in three minutes though.....

Streaking Memo to Pepperdine

Dear students,
This past fall, some members of our university community expressed concerns about the streaking that occurred during finals week. Some students were bothered by the interruption to their studying in the library and the HAWC, while others were involved in altercations as a result of confrontations of observers and participants. As a result of participation, some students were sent to the Student Disciplinary Committee and expressed surprise that streaking violated the Code of Conduct.
I certainly understand that finals week is a stressful time, and it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to take a break from studying. As you consider your options, please be aware that nudity and indecent exposure are violations of the Code of Conduct. Violations will be referred to Judicial Affairs. In this digital age, it’s also wise to consider whether you want your run across campus posted on the internet or saved on someone’s hard drive. Students are becoming more aware that their current choices are impacting future opportunities.
Our main goal during finals week is to maintain a safe community where all students can study without interruptions.

Stacy Rothberg


Divorce Just Got Taken Up a Notch

Long story short, this lady pretty much calls out her husband on YouTube and divorces him, and divorce lawyers everywhere are cringing that this isn't a new epidemic or they're out of jobs! Crazy crazy crazy woman!!

My Chemical Romance Speaks Out

My Chemical Romance has been touring Latin America the last few months, and in a concert in Mexico City they finally spoke out against the anti-emo violence, obviously dennoucing it.

15 April 2008

1 Month Anniversary!

Its been a great month here at Lights Out Phoenix, and I hope you have all enjoyed hearing us rant on everything from New Music to Gooo's Idol Rankings (its go time tonight Gooo!).
Lets hope we can keep this thing going and get more contributors so people at Pepperdine have a voice away from the Freedom Wall and a place to talk about anything they want.
With school down to its last week here don't expect too much posts from the contributors besides me, because well my school is pretty much done.
So to celebrate a great month here at LOP, the contributors
and I secretly bought Mike Smith a present to celebrate the 21 years of hell-on-earth he has brought into our lives...

We know it's a lot Mike but it was a deal that Crackhead Larry gave us a good price on. If you need any help getting it down contact him at the corner of Crenshaw and 119th in South Central

14 April 2008

While We're On Thrice....

826 Valencia is a cool little place in San Fran that is one of the charities that Thrice has given a portion of its proceeds to over the years, namely during the Vheissu era when 826 founder Dave Eggers (author of my favorite book of all time What is the What) did the album artwork. His writing workshop offers after-school writing help for kids ages 8-18, adult writing a literacy workshops, and yes....a legit pirate store.

Its a cool non-profit organization and you should take a look at what you can do with your time if you have any over summer (or you could just donate that paycheck), they also have a place in Venice Beach called 826LA which is closer to us.

Eggers & Thrice are some cool dudes.

What I'm Listening To...

Its fucking late, thank god I don't allow time on the posts here or you would laugh at what time it is....almost done with a paper, then gotta do a power point for it!!

Thrice posted the entire last "two chapters" of The Alchemy Index on their myspace, and I can't even get past listening to Part 3: Air because it is amazing, I get it now, the theme ties together and its amazing to see any band go from post-hardcore (Fire), Kid-A Radiohead (Water), new Thrice (Air), and country-folk (Earth) on two discs of a full album.

Simply amazing. I suggest taking it in as a whole project one day you have a lot of homework or a long drive and see if you "get it".

The new album, Alchemy Index Part II: Air & Earth comes out Tuesday.

Enjoy sirs and madams.

11 April 2008

Meet the Walkens

Reelin in the Years

Haven't posted some pics in a while so we are gonna give you the goods!

Alex being Alex

Caught Napping 2

Only Black People Can Do This

Here is a video of kobe bryant jumping over a moving car, with his boy turiaf just chillin because he knows he cant do it. Only black people can achieve this feat but i cant believe kobe risked his career on life on this shit . . . but still freakin amazing.

10 April 2008

New Articles from Moi

Bill Buckner was finally able to return to Fenway Park Tuesday, and it was an amazing scene. My thoughts on it and the story behind the man who went into hiding becasue a city couldn't forgive him.

And then there is Tapes 'n Tapes, whose new album is somewhat of a mixed bag, you can see the potential, but there is a whole lot of noise going on and they don't say much with it.

09 April 2008

You Know Who You Are

Don’t waste your arsenic alibis on me
Don’t drown me in your apathy
Damaged eyes can’t lie
So mine will just sit and spy

I’m crossing my never’s and dotting my goodbyes
Guilt makes me nauseous in the morning
(I still want to wake up next to you)

I cleaned under my fingernails today
Full of skin from your back
When I told you I loved you

Cry at my emotionless face
And Spin this to your taste
Nothing ever felt so cold
Like snow on spring’s doorstep

Three Music Bits

We all know JibJab for their hillarious bits that we all sent each other over winter break with the elves and this March with the Leprachauns, but now you can add you and "females of the rap persuasion" (hos for short) and make some sweet lovin in tha Doggfathas "Sensual Seduction" vid...vocoder, keytar and all!

In summer concert news, Prince was added to headline the 2nd night of Coachella...thank god, Portishead headling a night of Coachella? At least the promoters know they screwed up big, especially on Saturday, and it looks like they are scrambling hard to find big name acts to compete with all the new festivals.

And....before I even got to wake up Radiohead tickets have already sold out for their second leg of the US Tour in August we told you about yesterday, if you still feel like trying....click here

Punk Goes Crunk Review

Punk Goes Crunk Album Review

If you want this album, bring a blank CD to my room. Here's my review:

Set Your Goals- Put Your Hood Up (Lil Jon Cover): It's pretty funny how they interpret Lil Jon's antics. However, I don't think I'd actually listen to this song, because they basically made it a joke more than a song.

Say Anything- Got Your Money (Ol' Dirty Bastard Cover): It's a little weird hearing the Say Anything singer rap the lyrics, but they keep the catchiness of the hook thank God. The chorus actually bumps pretty bombly in the car, they kept the bass unlike some other songs.

The Secret Handshake- I Wish (Skee-Lo Cover): Remember this dude? He opened for Family Force 5 on their West Coast tour. I haven't gotten used to this song yet, but I imagine it would be fun if I knew the words. He basically made this a techno pop song and took out all the street from this song.

Forever the Sickest Kids- Men in Black (Will Smith Cover): Best song on the album. Forever the Sickest Kids is an up and coming band that combines tech beats and keyboards with catchy pop punk. They make this song even more catchy than it already was. It also really feels like he raps early-90's style too. Bomb. Son. Bomb.

My American Heart- California Love (2Pac and Dr. Dre Cover): The riff makes this song bomb if you play it loud, but otherwise it's pretty lame. My American Heart, instead of putting more rock into the song, just changed most of the rap into this weird synthesized crap. They didn't really do a very good job, but the original song was so bomb that this is still listenable.

The Maine- I Wanna Love You (Akon Cover)- A note for this album: sometimes the bands go to the extreme and actually put in every single word that the original artist used. This means that, hilariously, The Maine singer's opening line of this song is, "Convict music." It's pretty effing hilarious. This song is a lot different than the original; The Maine made it sound like an emo-pop song and took out any bump that this song had. Their cover is a different song entirely than the original, and although I don't necessarily agree with the direction they took it in, it's still a good song.

Emanuel- Kryptonite (Purple Ribbon All-Stars Cover)- Emanuel basically took the original recording for the vocals for this song and laid it down over a stupid riff they had. Emanuel used to be a great band, but now they're nothing more than a crappy version of the Deftones. May as well get the original song.

Person L- The Seed 2.0 (The Roots Cover)- They have a dumb little riff and they rap over it. The chorus is alright, but nothing special.

The Devil Wears Prada- Still Fly (Big Tymers Cover)- I really like this song, but that's only because I'm obsessed with screamo and post-hardcore. TDWP turned the hook into a really catchy chorus that would've been great for their real album. They take the verses, and rather than rap, scream and growl. It's really energetic and fun.

All Time Low- Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)- All TIme Low is a great up and coming band as well. They do the song justice... I might even like this cover better than the Marie Digby cover. YouTube Marie Digby if you haven't yet.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Notorious Thugs (Notorious B.I.G. Cover)- Scary Kids has changed from an energetic post-hardcore band into a really really boring mainstream-wannabe band. I know I'm supposed to give them love because Big Mike Smif went to high school with them, but I hate to admit they aren't good anymore. This song is more than seven minutes long for some reason. They have their entire band rap over some swirling piano sample they made. It's not very bomb.

The Escape Frame- Nothin' But a G Thang (Dr. Dre and Snoop Cover)- This cover is pretty annoying because they turn the rap into singing, which is a direction I almost always disagree with, because you just make the song slower. Pretty dumb.

Hot Rod Circuit- Gin and Juice (Snoop Cover)- This is a really good cover. They didn't change the song much, but you can tell a bunch of white guys made this, so that makes it pretty funny.

Lorene Drive- Hey Ya! (Outkast Cover)- Really good cover. They take the original and make it better, which is what a cover is supposed to do. Lorene Drive is a great band with good sensibilities. Check those nillas out.

New Found Glory- Tennessee (Arrested Development Cover)- New Found Glory needs to break up and quit. Their time has passed. Anyway, this cover might be good if you actually like the original song, but it's kind of boring otherwise.

In conclusion, Punk Goes Crunk has some pretty cool covers, and some pretty stupid ones that didn't need to be made. I always enjoy it when rap and rock come together, for obvious reasons, namely, that I am Rather Red.

Dope Couch, Yeah or Nay?

Spanish designer Christian Zuzunag was commisioned to design a couch as this is what he came up with, the Pixel Couch, which is much like his other designs involving cover art.

For sure a sick couch, but I feel that it doesn't really go with ANYTHING (?).

You either need to be a crazy rich mofo who doesn't care or an artsy mofo so your friends know you don't match anything.

Would go great in any dorm room though =-)

08 April 2008

More of Goo's American Idol Power Rankings

Wow was tonight inspirational . . . hence why it was called inspirational songs night. This is in honor of tomorow night's 2 and a half hour idol gives back special which raised 76 million dollars last year. Well, we are down to the final eight so the competition is getting pretty tough, and the greats are starting to separate theselvs from the competition. So I predicted that the asian would leave us last week, and what do you know I was correct. Poor Ramielle, the fact that her race cause her demise, but hey that's life. I'm tired and have to watch some more TRBL television in Rock of Love 2 at 10 tonight, so we shall keep this quick so here's the rankings.

1. David Archuleta - Money performance tonight, although he annoys me with his loud breathing, awkard smiles, and nervous jitters. Such a great singer though . . . the whole package if you know what I mean, no matter small he might be.

2. Jason Castro - Definitely not one of the bigger voices but he is just so soothing. Sang my Bruddah Iz's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" while playing the ukeleli (if that's how you spell it) which has some sentimental value for me. That song has been played at every funeral I have been to involving a family member from my hot mom's side of the family . . . my eyes actually watered a little bit. So because of song choice and the good performance, i ranked him very high, and if you don't like it, fuck your boys.

3. David Cook - Had a bit of a rough week, one of the few that the judges didn't like this week. He has been consistently good though this week that he still has to be ranked pretty high.

4. Michael Johns - Also had sort of a bad week, but is way better than any of the girls. Needs to stick to his guns with his blues/jazz style though and he shall be fine . . . he is fine too. Is that queer?

5. Syesha Mercado - She has an amazing voice, all the blacks do don't they, but she keeps choosing songs by great singers like Whitney and Fantasia and they judges keep comaring her to them which I think this is totally unfair. They are songs that can show her range which is out of this world but obviously se is not them, so don't even mention them. The falsetto she hit and the end of her song tonight was unreal, i had goosebumps. I think she is great but the judges don't really agree with me so she can possibly go home tomorrow.

6. Carly Smithson - On an inspirational and uplifting night, this stupid bitch decides to sing an angry sounding song. Her voice is solid, but I personally hate her and actually hope she loses tomorrow. I've never felt connected to her when she sings and she has ugly tattoos.

7. Kristy Lee Cook- That's right people, I don't have her as the worst this week, and to be honest I never will because she is my personal favorite due to the hotness factor (see my desktop). This was her best week and I actually think she deserves to be there next week based on solely tonight's performance.

8. Brooke White - I like her too, with her soft voice but I think her luck is running out. An okay performace tonight but I think she is kind of boring and she makes extremely weird faces when she sings, which can be unappealing.

Okay, so tomorrow night watch to see what happens, and idol gives back is filled with like fifty A-list stars singing all night, it is truly amazing, one of the best nights on tv to be honest. Notice, I have all the guys higher than all the girls but I believe the guys are just that much better this year, I ain't sexist or anything. Even though I don't think they are the worst expect Syesha and Carly to be the bottom too with Syesha going home . . . even though I want Carly to go home, that stupid thieving stableboy.

Radiohead Coming out to LA!

Radiohead announced the 2nd leg of their North American tour today on their blog DeadAirSpace. The leg will kick off in August and (thankfully) conclude in Southern California for not one, but FOUR concerts

Hollywood Bowl Aug. 24 & 25
Cricket Amp. in SD the 27th
Santa Barbara Bowl the 29th

Tickets on Sale tomorrow at their website, click here to buy them!

07 April 2008

I Will....My Senior Year

Me and Mikey-Poo are gonna sit down and hammer this list out, and its gonna be a great one, feel free to add to it, but this is what we feel we should accomplish/do our senior years of college, since junior year is almost up we are looking ahead to the fall and our last years (hopefully) in college...

Hike everywhere and anywhere around the canyons in Malibu
Climb Mt. Whitney
Spit Game to (insert Hot Girl)
Take advantage of a drunk celebrity at Moonshadows, perferably Spears or Lohan
Have 90s Movie Night
Be Intermural Champs in something!
Hook up with an ex
Dine in the finest restaurant and not pay for it

MULTIPLE Random trips to The Vegas
Wake up in Mexico, not knowing how
Surf at least once a week on average
Be on the constant struggle to pursue the finest herb imaginable
Go to Havana for Spring Break! (That's Cuba Mo F'ers!!)
Find ourselves at sunset one night

Party on the beach again
Go camping in the most remote place imaginable
Go to at least 10 "college nights" at other universities
Hook up at 5 of these "college nights"
Drop a Rap Album
Have T-Dizz make it big on the music scene
Party with Rockstars
Fall in love but realize she is a crazy bitch and back away briskly
Go to every bar in Santa Monica, Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake and Thousand Oaks
Be on Perezhilton.com
Skimboard at least once a week
Run on the beach naked in the middle of the day
Befriend a homeless man named Craig
Get Craig to hook up with your friend that is hammered
Post a Youtube video that catches fire
Pull the largest prank in Pepperdine History!
Hook up on the baseball field in according to the bases
Hit a half-court shot at Midnight Madness
Skinny-dip and hook up at the Pepperdine Pool at night, lit up of course
Hook up on the Drescher Parking Lot Elevator, 4th Floor
TP President Benton's House
Huge group shower in the Drescher Appts
River-raft down Malibu Canyon

Lollapalooza Lineup Annouced, and I'm In

Lollapalooza's lineup just got annouced and its by far the illest of the summer...bands include:

Rage Against the Machine
Nine Inch Nails
Kanye West
The Raconteurs
Gnarls Barkley
Bloc Party
The Black Keys
Broken Social Scene
Mark Ronson
The National
G. Love & Special Sauce
Explosions in the Sky
Brand New
Dierks Bentley
John Butler Trio
Girl Talk
Spank Rock
The Kills
Rogue Wave
The Go! Team
Black Lips
Louis XIV
The Cool Kids
Does It Offend You, Yeah?
Manchester Orchestra

04 April 2008

Reunited via Final Cut Pro

Epic New Death Cab

Why am I still up @ 3am?
Geez I need to get to sleep!
Last thing though, new Death Cab for Cutie coming out pretty soon and this is the 8min epic jam "I Will Possess Your Heart" that is their single. The only thing I could embed in here was Youtube so don't pay attention to the video just do something else and listen to the music. A lot of people are already making this new album a favorite for the Album of the Year, after hearing this song what do you have to say, ya or nay?

LA Galaxy Show Promise in Home Opener

The Los Angeles Galaxy dominate all aspects of play tonight against the newly expanded San Jose Earthquakes 2-0 in the home opener for LA. David Beckham and Landon Donovan provided both goals and assists to eachother, Becks in the 6th and Donovan in the 39th.
Beckham looked more match-fit than ever, and Donovan looked like his legs were back after last week international friendly against Poland.
Although sometimes the Galaxy played sloppy, the Earthquakes stood no chance and I'm starting to wonder if head coach Frank Yallop (who coach the Galaxy last year) was the problem for them not making the playoffs.
New Galaxy head coach Rudd Gullit's interesting 4-4-3 triangle formation finally work, because it did not in the terrible 4-0 loss @ Colorado last week.
Alan Gorn and Chris Klein also played amazing games, and Steven Cronin posted his first MLS clean sheet (a sign of things to come), but I'll leave with you a little piece of history, Becks first MLS goal!

03 April 2008

Lupe Just Puttin the Hurt on Spring Break

Lupe Fiasco doing "Paris, Tokyo", his little love ballad that jams oh so well for the 'Breakers

Time to Get Emo!! New Story of the Year!

wash with emo
sprinkle with metal
rinse and repeat
EVERYBODY DANCE!! can't wait to see them in concert again!

02 April 2008

Seriously Stressing

The day started out like any other Wednesday, waking up earlier than anyone at Pepperdine to head to the Hills of Beverly for my internship, which has hit a big wall lately.
Things have been so busy and I need to get back to Pepperdine to work at the Graphic that I have sat and ate at my desk for the last month while working (although not complaining about the food, its bomb)
One of my stories I still haven't gotten back quotes from the main person and the other havent started, I also have a paper due at 8am
Please, stop by and give your poor man a meal or something up in the newsroom

It's go-time on Idol tonight, who you got leavin Gooo's Google??

Radiohead Prep for Tour @ BBC

Yesterday Radiohead played two shows back-to-back for a couple hundred lucky fans at the BBC Radio Studios in downtown London, to prep for their upcomming Europe and US tours. The set mostly was stuff from In Rainbows and OK Computer, which is A-OK with me! Very excited for this to happen, depending on where I go this summer for work (LA, CHi, NY) I will defintley see them!
You can download the performances (or steam) from this website.

01 April 2008

My Thoughts on LeinhartGate

By now you've all seen or heard about the pictures of a party at Matt Leinhart's AZ home with his partner in crime Nick Lachey...

Leinhart is 24 going on 25, so he still has the right to party, but in his circumstances, considering he hasn't proved ANYTHING in the NFL yet, he needs to get healthy, get his mind right, and stay off the public radar. It's really not that hard to do, especially out in Arizona. Its not like TMZ is at every bar and club in Scottsdale. Matt, get healthy, have a solid season, make a Pro-Bowl or two, then go out and celebrate with your boy Lachey, because then you have at least EARNED it.

Like my boy Matty has said, you are one more career-threatening injury away from becoming this doucebag

Check Out the "Cry Me a River" Analogy

From Bill Simmons' latest mailbag:

Q: Just read your NBA "What If?" column. Is there any doubt the greatest pop culture "What-If?" of the decade is "What if Britney Spears didn't cheat on Justin Timberlake?" If she doesn't cheat on him, they don't break up. Justin doesn't start hanging out with Janet Jackson. They don't do their halftime show and the FCC wouldn't be upset about a nipple being expose on television. Britney is indirectly responsible for all the FCC regulations and crackdowns that went into effect. ANd if she and Timberlake are still together, she might still be a superstar instead of a chain smoking two-time divorcee with two kids who's absolutely insane and looks like she's 45. --Eric D., Abington, Mass

SG: Ok, I'm with you, but you left out a few things. First, if they didn't break up, Timberlake wouldn't have written "Cry Me a River," which was really the white man's "Hit 'Em Up." Second, he became a more successful musician in her post-breakup and started dating Cameron Diaz; meanwhile, her career went in the tank and she ended up with K-Fed. Third, if they didn't break up, we wouldn't even know who K-Fed is-- and if you think this isn't important, remember that I casually dropped him into the first mailbag question of this column and you didn't think twice about it. Fourth, she shattered the record for "shortest amount of time that elapsed between somebody being considered a major se symbol and eventually grossing out the American public on an ongoing basis." And fifth, she showed her crotch on the Internet so many times that red-blooded males became immune to it like we were gynecologists.


Intramural Championships Tonight!

I had a dream last night and when I woke up I thought my intramural team, ¿Dónde Está Tu Biblioteca? had already beaten the Sig Eps.
Today, we are having a walk-through at 4pm to go over our 3-1 and Chaser zone defense we are playing against the Sig Eps, then shoot-around at 8, followed by games our game at 9:20
I can't stress it enough....

Firestone Fieldhouse