16 April 2008

Streaking Memo to Pepperdine

Dear students,
This past fall, some members of our university community expressed concerns about the streaking that occurred during finals week. Some students were bothered by the interruption to their studying in the library and the HAWC, while others were involved in altercations as a result of confrontations of observers and participants. As a result of participation, some students were sent to the Student Disciplinary Committee and expressed surprise that streaking violated the Code of Conduct.
I certainly understand that finals week is a stressful time, and it’s a good idea to find constructive ways to take a break from studying. As you consider your options, please be aware that nudity and indecent exposure are violations of the Code of Conduct. Violations will be referred to Judicial Affairs. In this digital age, it’s also wise to consider whether you want your run across campus posted on the internet or saved on someone’s hard drive. Students are becoming more aware that their current choices are impacting future opportunities.
Our main goal during finals week is to maintain a safe community where all students can study without interruptions.

Stacy Rothberg


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