07 April 2008

I Will....My Senior Year

Me and Mikey-Poo are gonna sit down and hammer this list out, and its gonna be a great one, feel free to add to it, but this is what we feel we should accomplish/do our senior years of college, since junior year is almost up we are looking ahead to the fall and our last years (hopefully) in college...

Hike everywhere and anywhere around the canyons in Malibu
Climb Mt. Whitney
Spit Game to (insert Hot Girl)
Take advantage of a drunk celebrity at Moonshadows, perferably Spears or Lohan
Have 90s Movie Night
Be Intermural Champs in something!
Hook up with an ex
Dine in the finest restaurant and not pay for it

MULTIPLE Random trips to The Vegas
Wake up in Mexico, not knowing how
Surf at least once a week on average
Be on the constant struggle to pursue the finest herb imaginable
Go to Havana for Spring Break! (That's Cuba Mo F'ers!!)
Find ourselves at sunset one night

Party on the beach again
Go camping in the most remote place imaginable
Go to at least 10 "college nights" at other universities
Hook up at 5 of these "college nights"
Drop a Rap Album
Have T-Dizz make it big on the music scene
Party with Rockstars
Fall in love but realize she is a crazy bitch and back away briskly
Go to every bar in Santa Monica, Malibu, Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake and Thousand Oaks
Be on Perezhilton.com
Skimboard at least once a week
Run on the beach naked in the middle of the day
Befriend a homeless man named Craig
Get Craig to hook up with your friend that is hammered
Post a Youtube video that catches fire
Pull the largest prank in Pepperdine History!
Hook up on the baseball field in according to the bases
Hit a half-court shot at Midnight Madness
Skinny-dip and hook up at the Pepperdine Pool at night, lit up of course
Hook up on the Drescher Parking Lot Elevator, 4th Floor
TP President Benton's House
Huge group shower in the Drescher Appts
River-raft down Malibu Canyon

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