01 April 2008

My Thoughts on LeinhartGate

By now you've all seen or heard about the pictures of a party at Matt Leinhart's AZ home with his partner in crime Nick Lachey...

Leinhart is 24 going on 25, so he still has the right to party, but in his circumstances, considering he hasn't proved ANYTHING in the NFL yet, he needs to get healthy, get his mind right, and stay off the public radar. It's really not that hard to do, especially out in Arizona. Its not like TMZ is at every bar and club in Scottsdale. Matt, get healthy, have a solid season, make a Pro-Bowl or two, then go out and celebrate with your boy Lachey, because then you have at least EARNED it.

Like my boy Matty has said, you are one more career-threatening injury away from becoming this doucebag

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