09 April 2008

Three Music Bits

We all know JibJab for their hillarious bits that we all sent each other over winter break with the elves and this March with the Leprachauns, but now you can add you and "females of the rap persuasion" (hos for short) and make some sweet lovin in tha Doggfathas "Sensual Seduction" vid...vocoder, keytar and all!

In summer concert news, Prince was added to headline the 2nd night of Coachella...thank god, Portishead headling a night of Coachella? At least the promoters know they screwed up big, especially on Saturday, and it looks like they are scrambling hard to find big name acts to compete with all the new festivals.

And....before I even got to wake up Radiohead tickets have already sold out for their second leg of the US Tour in August we told you about yesterday, if you still feel like trying....click here

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