08 April 2008

More of Goo's American Idol Power Rankings

Wow was tonight inspirational . . . hence why it was called inspirational songs night. This is in honor of tomorow night's 2 and a half hour idol gives back special which raised 76 million dollars last year. Well, we are down to the final eight so the competition is getting pretty tough, and the greats are starting to separate theselvs from the competition. So I predicted that the asian would leave us last week, and what do you know I was correct. Poor Ramielle, the fact that her race cause her demise, but hey that's life. I'm tired and have to watch some more TRBL television in Rock of Love 2 at 10 tonight, so we shall keep this quick so here's the rankings.

1. David Archuleta - Money performance tonight, although he annoys me with his loud breathing, awkard smiles, and nervous jitters. Such a great singer though . . . the whole package if you know what I mean, no matter small he might be.

2. Jason Castro - Definitely not one of the bigger voices but he is just so soothing. Sang my Bruddah Iz's "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" while playing the ukeleli (if that's how you spell it) which has some sentimental value for me. That song has been played at every funeral I have been to involving a family member from my hot mom's side of the family . . . my eyes actually watered a little bit. So because of song choice and the good performance, i ranked him very high, and if you don't like it, fuck your boys.

3. David Cook - Had a bit of a rough week, one of the few that the judges didn't like this week. He has been consistently good though this week that he still has to be ranked pretty high.

4. Michael Johns - Also had sort of a bad week, but is way better than any of the girls. Needs to stick to his guns with his blues/jazz style though and he shall be fine . . . he is fine too. Is that queer?

5. Syesha Mercado - She has an amazing voice, all the blacks do don't they, but she keeps choosing songs by great singers like Whitney and Fantasia and they judges keep comaring her to them which I think this is totally unfair. They are songs that can show her range which is out of this world but obviously se is not them, so don't even mention them. The falsetto she hit and the end of her song tonight was unreal, i had goosebumps. I think she is great but the judges don't really agree with me so she can possibly go home tomorrow.

6. Carly Smithson - On an inspirational and uplifting night, this stupid bitch decides to sing an angry sounding song. Her voice is solid, but I personally hate her and actually hope she loses tomorrow. I've never felt connected to her when she sings and she has ugly tattoos.

7. Kristy Lee Cook- That's right people, I don't have her as the worst this week, and to be honest I never will because she is my personal favorite due to the hotness factor (see my desktop). This was her best week and I actually think she deserves to be there next week based on solely tonight's performance.

8. Brooke White - I like her too, with her soft voice but I think her luck is running out. An okay performace tonight but I think she is kind of boring and she makes extremely weird faces when she sings, which can be unappealing.

Okay, so tomorrow night watch to see what happens, and idol gives back is filled with like fifty A-list stars singing all night, it is truly amazing, one of the best nights on tv to be honest. Notice, I have all the guys higher than all the girls but I believe the guys are just that much better this year, I ain't sexist or anything. Even though I don't think they are the worst expect Syesha and Carly to be the bottom too with Syesha going home . . . even though I want Carly to go home, that stupid thieving stableboy.

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