09 April 2008

Punk Goes Crunk Review

Punk Goes Crunk Album Review

If you want this album, bring a blank CD to my room. Here's my review:

Set Your Goals- Put Your Hood Up (Lil Jon Cover): It's pretty funny how they interpret Lil Jon's antics. However, I don't think I'd actually listen to this song, because they basically made it a joke more than a song.

Say Anything- Got Your Money (Ol' Dirty Bastard Cover): It's a little weird hearing the Say Anything singer rap the lyrics, but they keep the catchiness of the hook thank God. The chorus actually bumps pretty bombly in the car, they kept the bass unlike some other songs.

The Secret Handshake- I Wish (Skee-Lo Cover): Remember this dude? He opened for Family Force 5 on their West Coast tour. I haven't gotten used to this song yet, but I imagine it would be fun if I knew the words. He basically made this a techno pop song and took out all the street from this song.

Forever the Sickest Kids- Men in Black (Will Smith Cover): Best song on the album. Forever the Sickest Kids is an up and coming band that combines tech beats and keyboards with catchy pop punk. They make this song even more catchy than it already was. It also really feels like he raps early-90's style too. Bomb. Son. Bomb.

My American Heart- California Love (2Pac and Dr. Dre Cover): The riff makes this song bomb if you play it loud, but otherwise it's pretty lame. My American Heart, instead of putting more rock into the song, just changed most of the rap into this weird synthesized crap. They didn't really do a very good job, but the original song was so bomb that this is still listenable.

The Maine- I Wanna Love You (Akon Cover)- A note for this album: sometimes the bands go to the extreme and actually put in every single word that the original artist used. This means that, hilariously, The Maine singer's opening line of this song is, "Convict music." It's pretty effing hilarious. This song is a lot different than the original; The Maine made it sound like an emo-pop song and took out any bump that this song had. Their cover is a different song entirely than the original, and although I don't necessarily agree with the direction they took it in, it's still a good song.

Emanuel- Kryptonite (Purple Ribbon All-Stars Cover)- Emanuel basically took the original recording for the vocals for this song and laid it down over a stupid riff they had. Emanuel used to be a great band, but now they're nothing more than a crappy version of the Deftones. May as well get the original song.

Person L- The Seed 2.0 (The Roots Cover)- They have a dumb little riff and they rap over it. The chorus is alright, but nothing special.

The Devil Wears Prada- Still Fly (Big Tymers Cover)- I really like this song, but that's only because I'm obsessed with screamo and post-hardcore. TDWP turned the hook into a really catchy chorus that would've been great for their real album. They take the verses, and rather than rap, scream and growl. It's really energetic and fun.

All Time Low- Umbrella (Rihanna Cover)- All TIme Low is a great up and coming band as well. They do the song justice... I might even like this cover better than the Marie Digby cover. YouTube Marie Digby if you haven't yet.

Scary Kids Scaring Kids- Notorious Thugs (Notorious B.I.G. Cover)- Scary Kids has changed from an energetic post-hardcore band into a really really boring mainstream-wannabe band. I know I'm supposed to give them love because Big Mike Smif went to high school with them, but I hate to admit they aren't good anymore. This song is more than seven minutes long for some reason. They have their entire band rap over some swirling piano sample they made. It's not very bomb.

The Escape Frame- Nothin' But a G Thang (Dr. Dre and Snoop Cover)- This cover is pretty annoying because they turn the rap into singing, which is a direction I almost always disagree with, because you just make the song slower. Pretty dumb.

Hot Rod Circuit- Gin and Juice (Snoop Cover)- This is a really good cover. They didn't change the song much, but you can tell a bunch of white guys made this, so that makes it pretty funny.

Lorene Drive- Hey Ya! (Outkast Cover)- Really good cover. They take the original and make it better, which is what a cover is supposed to do. Lorene Drive is a great band with good sensibilities. Check those nillas out.

New Found Glory- Tennessee (Arrested Development Cover)- New Found Glory needs to break up and quit. Their time has passed. Anyway, this cover might be good if you actually like the original song, but it's kind of boring otherwise.

In conclusion, Punk Goes Crunk has some pretty cool covers, and some pretty stupid ones that didn't need to be made. I always enjoy it when rap and rock come together, for obvious reasons, namely, that I am Rather Red.

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