20 April 2008

Study Tips for Finals

As you all know, our hopefully you've awaken for your semester long high, finals are upon us in less than 24 hours. For some, this means nothing as they don't have finals or a test on Monday, for others, this is 24 hours of hell in a bottle that will be caffeine induced. Your adrenilane glands will be pumping, and you might even have to call your parents just to cry the pain away. We here at LOP have some pointers for you to keep the studying at a maximum while still having the great college expierience your parents and/or the government is paying for.

1. The NBA Playoffs

Over the next week, 16 teams will be in the NBA Playoffs and the matchups out West couldn't be any better. Check out a few games today through Wednesday, put the game on mute or just check out the 4th quarter.

2. Champions League Soccer

The UEFA Champions League is the top soccer club competition in the world, and the semi-final 1st games are taking place this Tuesday and Wednesday. This is a chance to finally watch a game of soccer, or have something to talk about with your international roomates.

3. Pull a Prank

There is nothing more rewarding than devising, planning, and pulling off the perfect prank. If you need/have a few hours to waste inbetween studying or finals fulfill yourself by making someone's life miserable. Remember, nothing is more satifying than stuffing someone's car full of packing peanuts. Some ideas can be found here

4.Taco Bell Run for a Bacon Club Chalupa

Gooo, SecondsAway and D-Rock had their first dandy of a new chalupa before the Waves crushed the Bruins in MPSF playoff action, and it is worth the 10 min. trip through the canyon to the nearest Taco Bell. Salty bacon, juicy and plump chicken breast, its the perfect white-man version of the taco. Who doesn't love chicken and bacon together? Great job Taco Bell.

5. Get that last day hook-up in.
So you've been quitley eyeing this girl in Humanities. She's not that good looking, but after eyeing her all semester she has somehow become hot to you. Don't blue ball yourself, get after it! Its right before "summer lovin" time, so call that apple of your eye up, pop in a chick flick, preferably Juno, because you want her to get the idea that yes....this is going down, don't hold back.
Remember, when pursuing this last day hookup, no cuddling time is allowed, cuddling leads to calling, and you don't want your summer internship with your summer fling to be interupted.
6. Masturbate
Need a 10-minute break? Need to fall asleep? Need to calm down right before a test? Diddle or fiddle with your box or junk for that needed relaxing break. Masturbation is healthy people, lets get real. And if #5 doesn't work out, then #6 needs to get done.
Have any more study break ideas?

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