31 July 2008

Friday's Madness of a Schedule

Just finished marking down Day 1 of Lolla (we'll call it that for short from now on) and here is what were lookin like.
Keep in mind I have to interview Jordan Farmar via phone tomorrow @ noon.

Black Lips
Rogue Wave
Catching the beginning of The Go! Team's set, then running across the park to see acoustic sets from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy and Rogue Wave
The Kills
The Black Keys
Beergarden break (gonna be seriously needed as I talked about the weather in the Day 0 post)
Catching 2/3s of the Grizzly Bear set. Not really sold on them but this is the quite before the storm on Friday. The madness begins....now
Bloc Party
The Cool Kids (my apologies to The Racounteurs, I wanna dance and feel thug today)
The one, the only Radiohead.

Lollapalooza: Pre-Festival Warm-ups

Some bands have come into town early and are performing tune-up shows tonight in Chi-town.
Radiohead canceled their gig tonight, citing lead singer Thom Yorke's "sick". Hopefully this doesn't damper what should be the highlight of my musical life as we know it tomorrow night.
Some others....

The Black Keys w/ Magic Wands
Metro, $30, 10pm
- TBK latest showed them actually stepping into a recording studio, and with a big producer (Danger Mouse) to boot. The result: More polished (of course) + some serious blues rock

The Kills & Black Kids w/ Foals
Apple Store, Free, 7pm
- Solid lineup. Too bad it will be in a fucking store and not a solid venue. Hosted by hometown Kanye protege Kid Sister.

Brand New w/ Manchester Orchestra
House of Blues, 9:30pm

MGMT w/ Mates of State
Double Door, 10pm

Rogue Wave w/ Dr. Dog
Schrubas, 10pm

-Somewhere douchebag John Mayer, ginger Brett Dennen and lesbo Colbie Caillat are playing.

Bloc Party w/ Does It Offend You, Yeah? & CSS
House of Blues, 9:30pm
- Wear very tight clothing and make sure it breaths 'cus you will be dancing and moshing all night long with some serious hipsters (who know they're hip)

Battles w/ Foals
Double Door, 10pm
- If you rock your calculator with slim jeans, this is for you.

Lollapalooza: Day 0

Lollapalooza is less than 24 hours away from myself and 225,000 others.

Chicago is great, amazing city. And after a rousing bar hop that involved a sloppy wingman, Irish Americans (the drink and the people) and some good ol' fashioned late night streaking, I'm ready to bring on the record heat, humidity and a possible Obama appearance.

Up tomorrow is none other than Radiohead among 10 other bands that I have on my schedule.
Over at Rockdaily, festival curator Perry Ferrell has also upped the ante with a full on rave club and beer-garden inbetween Millenium and Grant Park.
I also might go check out the FC Barcelona v. Chivas game on Sunday night at Soldier Field

So we'll have reports every day from concert review, nightlife (we are attending Pete Wentz's Angels and Kings afterparites) etc.

For now, new vid from Vampire Weekend, get ready to get your Thiller/Preppy-Goth on!
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa

....and another from electronica band M83, "Kim and Jessie". May it brighten your day with sweet sounds of synth.

M83 - Kim & Jessie

Now excuse me while I look for my streaking partner's underwear, socks and wallet

24 July 2008

Gnarls Barkley- Who's Gonna Save My Soul

In Honor of Step Brothers Coming out on Friday

Some of Will Ferrell's earliest work showcased him and writer/director Adam McKay's unique style that brought us the William we all love and know. Random outbursts, playing to the crowd, saying the most unheard of things in awkwards situations, etc. etc.
I could put a bunch of Anchorman and Robert Goulet vids up here, but we are going WAAAYYY back in time.
Try not to laugh when you hear the line "I got my own snowcone here"
Step Brothers comes out this friday and early reviews claim it to be Ferrell/McKay's best work yet. Here's praying Anchorman 2 tops that.

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

16 July 2008

Rather Red on Last FM

Shameless plug time. Rather Red is collecting royalties off of his plays on Last FM. Enjoy the thuggery, the emotion, the schizophrenia, the sex, the violence, and most of all, the poor production quality.



14 July 2008


3OH!3 is a Crunk/Techno/Emo band from Colorado that knows how to start a party. Their new album "Want" dropped last week. They're like Family Force 5, but with more Lil Jon influences and swearing. They are set to manipulate and take advantage of many young ladies on tour. Here's their crunk-ass ballad, "Chokechain".

12 July 2008

Crystal Castles- Courtship Dating

As me and T-Dizz say, the future of music is Crystal Castles and Justice.
Viva la Electronica!

10 July 2008

The Verve- Love is Noise

When Coachella's lineup was annouced this year, no one was more surprised than I to see that 90's Brit darlings of alt-rock The Verve would reunite not just for festivals (they are playing 10-15 this summer) to bank in on the cash that comes with these major music binges, but that they sounded better than ever and they're new material took old with new and made it worth listening to AND closing out their festival sets.
"Love is Noise" is the first single of their new album Forth, whose album cover btw is already in my top 10.
I don't know what exactly they sample here, but its not exactly as heavy as "Bittersweet Symphony" (taken off a Rolling Stones B-side). The dancey beat accompanied by the Coldplay-esque guitars take this song to another level. I can truly not wait for The Verve to drop Forth and be back on top of the world of rock and roll.
The Verve - Love Is Noise

N.E.R.D., Julian Casablancas, Santogold- My Drive Thru

The video for their Converse "100 Years" Campaign, resembles the advertisements you find on undergrounds or flipbooks. Not a big fan of Santogold (overhyped, overmarketed) but the beat N.E.R.D. puts on this is dandy enough to hold up for a commercial campaign.
Produced By Pharrell - Santogold, Julian Casablancas, N.E.R.D.

08 July 2008

Linkin Park- Projekt Revolution Secret Preview Show

I had the privilege to attend this secret Linkin Park/Busta Rhymes shindig down at the Warner Bros. practice studios. Sick experience. Here you can see the ish that went down, and me walkin' around in a shock-like state behind whoever is being interviewed.

Projekt Revolution 2008 Preview Featuring Busta Rhymes

Projekt Revolution 2008 Preview