10 July 2008

The Verve- Love is Noise

When Coachella's lineup was annouced this year, no one was more surprised than I to see that 90's Brit darlings of alt-rock The Verve would reunite not just for festivals (they are playing 10-15 this summer) to bank in on the cash that comes with these major music binges, but that they sounded better than ever and they're new material took old with new and made it worth listening to AND closing out their festival sets.
"Love is Noise" is the first single of their new album Forth, whose album cover btw is already in my top 10.
I don't know what exactly they sample here, but its not exactly as heavy as "Bittersweet Symphony" (taken off a Rolling Stones B-side). The dancey beat accompanied by the Coldplay-esque guitars take this song to another level. I can truly not wait for The Verve to drop Forth and be back on top of the world of rock and roll.
The Verve - Love Is Noise

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