15 April 2008

1 Month Anniversary!

Its been a great month here at Lights Out Phoenix, and I hope you have all enjoyed hearing us rant on everything from New Music to Gooo's Idol Rankings (its go time tonight Gooo!).
Lets hope we can keep this thing going and get more contributors so people at Pepperdine have a voice away from the Freedom Wall and a place to talk about anything they want.
With school down to its last week here don't expect too much posts from the contributors besides me, because well my school is pretty much done.
So to celebrate a great month here at LOP, the contributors
and I secretly bought Mike Smith a present to celebrate the 21 years of hell-on-earth he has brought into our lives...

We know it's a lot Mike but it was a deal that Crackhead Larry gave us a good price on. If you need any help getting it down contact him at the corner of Crenshaw and 119th in South Central

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