14 April 2008

What I'm Listening To...

Its fucking late, thank god I don't allow time on the posts here or you would laugh at what time it is....almost done with a paper, then gotta do a power point for it!!

Thrice posted the entire last "two chapters" of The Alchemy Index on their myspace, and I can't even get past listening to Part 3: Air because it is amazing, I get it now, the theme ties together and its amazing to see any band go from post-hardcore (Fire), Kid-A Radiohead (Water), new Thrice (Air), and country-folk (Earth) on two discs of a full album.

Simply amazing. I suggest taking it in as a whole project one day you have a lot of homework or a long drive and see if you "get it".

The new album, Alchemy Index Part II: Air & Earth comes out Tuesday.

Enjoy sirs and madams.

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