26 March 2008

An Ode to the Webber

Oh Chris, you tried, you really did. You wanted that last playoff push to be with the first team that took you. But you're knees coudn't take it.

Too many times bending over and getting down for Detriot to "be that mercenary veteran to the win a championship" that so many try to do now (including my hatred for Sam Casselll now).

Some people say you're legacy will be calling the timeout you didn't have in college, but I feel those years with the Kings, when you made the NBA fun-ball when everyone else was averaging 85ppg was great.

The behind the back passes, double cross-over pull-ups and putting up with the Euros on the the team made you a star, oh and you dated Tyra Banks.

BTW, whatever happend to that?

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