27 March 2008

Goo's American Idol Power Rankings

On Wednesday night in Hollywood, the token black guy on tv's most popular reality show, Chikezie, got eliminated, which leaves only one more black person on the show, being Syesha, who definitely is not one of the frontrunners. Come on America, how racist can we be; only one black person left when we all know that blacks have much better voices than us whites do. I think Syesha will last a long time getting all the support and votes from the black population, so I am declaring her a dark horse, remember this and don't be surprised if she keeps advancing. Well there is my rant about racism and my feelings about this week's show. Next week is country theme, which I hate but I'll be watching anyway . . . so here are my power rankings for the week.

1. David Cook - Has emerged as one of the frontrunners with his unique performances and adds a rock style to the show which a lot of fans love. And he is so sexy using his guitar all the time. Look out Chris Daughtry, you might not be the best rocker to come from AI.

2. David Archuleta - Personally I don't like him very much, but the viewers seem to eat this guy up. He is boring, singing slow songs every freakin' week, but it shows off his pipes at least. He is very short and soft spoken, so he kind of reminds me of a Mexican Jason Havner, and I love that guy, so he is kind of growing on me.

3. Brooke White - She is a very cute girl with a great voice. Her performance of the Beatles' "Let It Be" was one of the best performances I have seen on AI since it first started. She is down to earth and very humble, which I think the people like.

4. Michael Johns - Really did great this week doing a medley of two of Queen's greatest songs, "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions." Starting to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. And his Australian accent is so goo.

5. Carly Smithson - Even though she was in the bottom three two weeks ago, I think she is awesome. She is a great singer but kind of annoying, so her personality may hurt her in the long run. Irish though, which means she could probably drink more beer than all of us combined.

6. Jason Castro - Has one of the most soothing voices I have ever heard, and when he pairs that with his acoustic guitar, he is golden. It is interesting how is singing is less effective when he loses the guitar which can hurt his chances.

7. Syesha Mercado - Getting a lot better as she is improving and geting used to the bright lights of Hollywood. Very consistent. Also, Chikezie's elimination will really help her.

8. Kristy Lee Cook - It was her best performance since she's been in the top twelve and sang an American folk tale which made it impossible for people not to vote for her. Although she is always in the bottom three I think she is surviving because she is clearly the hottest contestant the show has ever had. I think we can all agree that we would put it in her butthole. No matter how bad she sings she will stick around a few more weeks . . . Sanjaya part duex.

9. Ramiele Marubay - Was sick this past week so I guess we can give her a pass, but she really needs to improve and step up if she wants to stick around. She needs to sing an uptempo song for once and let her big voice come out. Also, Asian contestants have never made it really far on this show which hurts her chances; here comes America and their damn racism again.

Well, there it is my top 9 rankings for American Idol. Off to watch my other gay show One Tree Hill on the internet and I also need to see that America's Best Dance Crew finale . . . go Jabbawockeez. See you bitches next week, love Goo.


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What just happened

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wow thanks for that Goo. can't wait for the next installment