13 May 2008

New Music Tuesdays

Ahhh, you taste that? It's not last nights In-&-Out still stuck in your teeth, its the warm sensation of summer tingleing your nostril hairs. So i guess its not a taste after all but a smell, a very comprehensible smell.
Summer can only mean one thing. No not summer lovin' you fuckin gutter-minded Pepperdinian, it means summer album. The big boys. Bringin out the big guns. You want Love in this Club? Usher is gonna give it to you pretty soon. Do you just wanna Viva La Vida all summer? Coldplay's got that for you to.
So the start of summer Week 1 of summer album has a pretty hefty lineup, and LOP has got the lowdown for you all summer.

First up, Derek's favorite garage-indie band We Are Scientists, whose debut album, 2005's With Love and Squalor was a great, fast-paced debut to get your groove on and smash some things when your parents wouldn't let you have the car for the night. After a couple months abroad (they are huge in the UK) the album Brain Thrust Mastery makes it way to the US. Gone is crazy-delicious drummer Michael Tapper, and the core duo of singer-guitarist Keith Murray and bassists Chris Cain lead the way. Its a shift in pace twoards a more bass-heavy, NewWave sound that harkens back to Duran Duran and other early 80's acts. One of the best pop songs of the year so far, "After Hours" is the single and I'll post it for ya here. They are also hillarious dudes so check out their writings and videos on their site here. Overall, I would download of few tracks, definetley not a stong body of work but has its bright moments.

Next up is the highly anticipated Death Cab for Cutie album Narrow Stairs, which is streaming live online for you to preview at MTV.com on their Leak page. I have listened to the album all weekend and I must say it is worth the praise. I would put it on the pedestal as the album to beat this year in the Grammy catagory (unless Radiohead's In Rainbows gets recognized). It is dark on subject yet upbeat in lyrics. The craftsmenship in musical detail is amazing, and credit goes to producer-guitarist Chris Walla making a beautiful record. I would strongley recommend buying this. There won't be too much like it the rest of the summer. The lead single "I Will Posses Your Heart" is a 8 1/2 minute long jam session that you won't turn off and it will stay in your head.

LOP favorite Kidz in the Hall comes at you with their first album on a label, The In Crowd. K'n'H is a Penn grad duo that brings their smooth, silky, we know-we-are-fly beats and rhymes front and center. The album is streaming on their myspace which can be found clicking on their name above. The first single's video can be found in a previous post yesterday, which is their most radio-ready single.

Also in stories today, N.E.R.D. comes back with Everyone Nose, Jason Mraz with We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. Ummm, sure Mraz.

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