18 May 2008

The Rock Band Treatment for Queens of the Stone Age

Josh Homme, lead singer of Queens of the Stone Age, let the animators for the amazing Rock Band (why this blog is called what it is) do work on his new video for 3s and 7s. Not a big QotSA fan but this is a interesting little video!

In other news....SNL has Steve Carrell and Usher on for their season finale (watching right now) and both are killing it. Usher dance moves haven't lost a step, keepin it straight funky fresh. John McCain also is stopping by to finally get his schitck in (Hillary and the Bama have already been on twice). BTW, if you have yet to catch The Office season finale.....wow, just wow, please click here and watch it so we can talk about it next time we run into each other.

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