08 May 2008

Scrubs Series Finale Live Blog

So is this the Scrubs series finale or not? Several reports claim it is, including ABC, but EW.com was on the set with Zach Braff to discuss the series finale while he was filiming what may or may not have been a new episode or ABC, which own the rights to Scrubs anyway.
Regardless, it still holds a special place in our hearts, with it wierd and nutty/screwball world that they have created, and the premise or tonight couldnt serve the series (maybe) sendoff any better. A Princess Bride retelling in Scrubs format. Lets do it!

8:30pm- A piece of me is already lost, the season hasn't been very strong as it is so hopefully this Braff directed episode brings down the house.

8:31- Classic Doug quote to JD- "Hey JD you keep reelin them in, I'll keep reelin them out." "Awsome appropriateness Doug!"

8:32- Poor The Todd, finally gets the shun from everyone.

- Great banter so far, keep it up Cox!

- Poor Ted, he has only had one shining moment this entire series, and almost had one when he was asked what a court of law looks like (in his long depressed drawl) "We all wear black gowns and white-powdered robes," poor guy needs someone to buy him a girlfriend.

- They've really been trying to ram this JD/Elliot getting back together down our throats and we know they are going to get back together, so instead of letting it go on the entire season WHAM! us at the end!

8:34- Dr. Cox sets up the fairy tell quite nicely, let the play begin! BTW, i'm not watching basketball for this even though I have a DVR, thats how dedicated I am.

8:38- They don't even try and make Janitor (doesn't he have a name now?) like Andre the Giant, lol

8:40- The name for Turk and Carla, aka the two-headed witch, Turla

8:42- Ted's orange and black tie is just too much, the man needs a woman before this series ends people! What is The Todd's actor ever going to do after this? I couldnt take him seriously (even in comedic roles) in anything else. He should just keep high-fiving people for a living.

8:46- I've always had a crush on Jordan, its gonna be sad to not see her on Thursdays anymore. At least I'll have everyday on Comedy Central, WGN, KTLA and any other station willing to pay dirt cheap for repeats.

8:53- How did Kelso get his job back?!!? I'm struggling to figure this out, he walked out of the job, laughed at returning, and now he is back at the start of the episode as the cheif of medicine. Eh, whatever.

8:57- Ted's "Yeahaha!" flying his kite made the episode, he gets the greatest pleasures doing the simplest things.

Umm....the end i guess? For that possibly being the last episode, no conclusions were drawn other than JD and Elliot still being friends (and Turk still have one testicle). But I really liked the ending, when the "fairy tale" Cox told his kid was not reality. It sums this series up for what it always has been: no matter what the shenanigens they guys get into, or how odd JD's dreams are, or how much The Todd creeps us out, they are still doctors at the end of the day, and have to deal with the struggles that come with it.
Did anyone else notice the new "ABC Studios" logo at the end? Certainly hasn't been there before so from what it seems we might see some more Scrubs, we might not, but I think the series ended on a positive note and doing what it does best, be quirky and goofy while still reeling it in in the end.
Now onto The Office and 30 Rock (waaayyy better than The Office by the way)

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