23 May 2008

Weezer- Pork and Beans

Weezer, the old geezers that they are, still rock, as evident of their new album and single "Pork and Beans" (along with album cut "Get Dangerous"). They are dork-rock and they know it. The majority of their album is (you be the judge) intentional comedy towards the music biz, and this video just sums up that the 'zer dudes are having a great time.

They know that you don't watch music videos on TV anymore, so why make one that is TV-worthy? In the video for "Pork and Beans" it is VERY Youtube worthy. As in they get pretty much every Youtube star (even Chocolate Rain, Ms. South Caraliona, and the Mentos dudes) known to man and somehow make an amazingly side-splitting video out of it. Long live Weezer!

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