07 June 2008

New Music- Holyfield, Luke Top & Nightmare of You

New music for ya! Spent last night helping my friend at Capitol look for some concerts to go to this summer and bands/artists under the radar to you, boost the internship cred ya hearrrd. So lets get to it!
Holyfield- Seattle, WA
Holyfield really caught me by surprise last night. Realtivley low myspace plays for such an amazing debut album. A mix of piano-power-pop (a la Cartel) with great digital polishing (Hellogoodbye) to make a bright sunny summer record.
Don't be surprised if you see these guys take a Boys Like Girls sky-rocket to the top in the late summer if they get signed. For now, you can buy there stuff on iTunes (don't bother looking for it online or in stores) and I'll give you a live performance of their best song that examplifies their style, "Act Faded" live.

Luke Top- Silver Lake, CA

Luke Top is a singer/songwriter for quite some time. Migrating from the Bay Area and before that, Israel. His new found Silver Lake (indie band haven of Hollyhood) is a perfect fit for his unique sound with multiple contributors (including ex-We Are Scientists drummer Michael Tapper). His new album is in the works so check out the myspace here.

Nightmare of You- NYC, NY

NoY have been together since 2005, and I recently heard them over on good ol' Jonsey's Jukebox on Indie 103.1. What can I say about them? Well, they are made up of ex NYC bands (Brandnew, Glassjaw, etc.) and have a very unique singer/lyricist in Brandon Reily. Amazing voice and interesting lyrics with great melody. They remind me a lot of Vedera with a little Talking Heads and Supergrass influence put into them. Check out "I Was Never a Normal Boy" over on their myspace here.

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