15 December 2008

Afternoon Links: Scranton just got a little Blacker

  • If you haven't gone outside after finals, opting for catching up on masturbation and movie rentals, it's raining buckets.
  • Good news for you Office fans on a rainy day, which will hopefully cut out the bad news.
  • A great piece done by the LA Times (newspapers relevant? who knew!) on the dreams of families done in by the housing bubble-burst here.
  • While weather is on your mind, it might snow in my hometown of Santa Clarita tonight (elevation around 2,000'). Which means hit the slopes nearest you. I will come Thursday.
  • If you opted to celebrate with hideous festive sweaters over the weekend, you missed one of the best SNL's of the season. No Jizz My Pants, but apparently the send-off of Amy Pohler, involving cheap blind governor jokes (just watch) is causing quite a stir on the other coast. Video below.


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