14 August 2008

Live Blog Tonight from the SuperClassico

I'm gonna try another live blog tonight. I successfully failed at producing one for my first Dodger game because the Internet was spotty at best in the press box. Maybe I'll posthomously produce it one day when nothing spots up on this blog.
Tonight I will be covering my first soccer game for the Daily News, The Honda SuperClassico, and its arguably the biggest game for both Chivas USA and the Los Angeles Galaxy. Their derby (pronounced "daarrby") match tonight (both clubs share the same venue, The Home Depot Center) is the third and last match between the two this season.

Galaxy GM (and former US national player) Alexi Lalas and coach Ruud Guillit were tossed by AEG CEO Tim Linwieke Monday and put in recently retired Cobi Jones in charge as interim head coach.

Both clubs come in somewhat dissapointing form. The Galaxy are winless since June 14th, and Chivas USA has been sliding down the ranks in the last month to sit behind Becks' side in 5th place.

This is a huge game for both sides.
For the Galaxy, its almost make or break for their season as year two with Beckham has hit a standstill.
Under European coach Gullit, who brought in "sexy football", the Galaxy were on a roll the first half of the season with Landon Donovan, Eddison Buddle and Beckham showing fine form. But their defense has been lackluster all season and now that they are facing teams 2nd and 3rd times around everyone is exploiting the week midfield and backfield play.

Although the Galaxy lead the league in goals scored, ditto that to their defense giving them up.
Since this game is being broadcast nationally this has huge reprocussions for the Galaxy. They NEED to win.
Linweike said so.
For Chivas, this is another chance for them to stick it to their stadium-mates and possibly gain some ground on popularity in the LA media market. And of course leap-frog the Galaxy in the standings.

I'm leaving the Daily News office in about an hour to head over to good ol' Carson, CA. Home of a go-kart racing thingy, an auto mall and the Home Depot Center.
Then onto the pitch for pre-game interview with Cobi Jones.
Then let the madness begin!

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