06 August 2008

Rather Red's Favorite Albums of 2008 (Thus Far)

1. Children 18:3- Children 18:3

The most catchy and consistently exciting album I've heard in awhile. The band is made up of two brothers and a sister. On the surface, they're just a punk band, but there's a lot of meaning in their lyrics. Some that I've found most profound are explorations of lost youth (All My Balloons), violence on TV (You Know We're All So Fond of Dying), and the Book of Revelations (Final).

2. Alesana- Where Myth fades to Legend

Melodic screamo at its best. This is the stuff I live to listen to. Screams are all over the spectrum, both growls and shrieks... only adding to the energy. The choruses are super catchy and powerful. Induces moshing.

3. 3OH!3- Want

I already posted about these guys, but I was really impressed with the consistency of their album. There were MANY quality sing-a-longs on this album. For those who don't know. 3OH!3 (named after the area code for their hometown of Boulder, Colorado) is a bunch of white kids acting gangster and crunk over some catchy techno beats.

4. Flo Rida- Mail on Sunday

When I first heard of Flo Rida, I thought he was gonna be a wack one-hit wonder. However, I took a listen to some of the iTunes previews for his album. They piqued my interest enough to coerce me to buy the album. WOW are there a lot of great rap songs on this album. The hooks are solid, the beats are solid. Flo Rida's style is more based on delivery than lyrical content, and he comes through on delivery.

5. The Used- Shallow Believer

This was The Used's B-side album. Because they're such talented song writers, the album is still great quality despite it being full of songs that didn't make the cut on their first three albums. Hopefully they bring back the emotion we saw on their debut when they come out with their next LP.

6. A Skylit Drive- Wires and the Concept of Breathing

See the description for Alesana's album. Same style, same quality, same energy. Not as consistent an effort as Alesana's, however.

7. Does It Offend You, Yeah?- You Have No Idea What You’re Getting Yourself Into

Props to D-Rock for finding this band. Throw some techno and electronica (and maybe a little insanity) into The Killers and this is what you get.

8. Flobots- Fight With Tools

Motivational, inspiring punk rap. When I say punk, I don;t necessarily mean the style, I mean the political mindset. Their lyrics are a lot like Rage's. Yet they sound like Eminem rapping over guitars and brass.

9. Machinae Supremacy- Overworld

Swedish alt-metal with synths. They sound pretty produced and manufactured, but the songs and solos are quality.

10. Take the Crown- Relapse React

They come from the same scene as my boys from National Product (whose debut, Luna, I would HIGHLY recommend). Orange county hard rock with higher-range vocals and few screams.

Honorable Mentions:
The Audition- Champion
Panic at the Disco- Pretty. Odd.
Lil Wayne- Tha Carter III
Tyga- No Introduction
Disturbed- Indestructible

I'm currently still listening to and judging many more albums including Trapt, The Classic Crime, Nas, From First to Last, Tickle Me Pink, There for Tomorrow... and some albums that take many listens to actually define, like Coldplay and The Mars Volta. They'll be on this list sooner or later.

And there were a lot of albums that I didn't like... but I don't believe in unnecessary negativity towards art, so I won't mention those.

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