01 August 2008

Lollapalooza: Day 1

Its been extremely hot as me and almost 70,000 others have braved the 90-degree heat (plus about 40% humidity). Right now is the end of my beergarden break (aptly named The Leiderhosen) as we are a mere 10 minutes away from Radiohead bringing the city to its knees.
During my break I did my usual sports blog surfing and found these two gems.
I will write tomorrow morning about Day 1 so for now let Will Ohman (Pepperdine grad) --reliever for the Braves serenade you with his pitch-perfect Harry Carey impression (I'm not to shabby myself which has become my staple here in Chicago at the bars)

Ohman Does Carey
by TheFightins

And what do to star point guards do during their downtime (and not playing for their national teams)?
They make a Step Brothers trailer parody and dance on 3rd Street in Santa Monica of course.

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