09 January 2009

Bloc Pary- So Here We Are

If you're staying in like me tonight -- whether it's because your car can't withstand the 70mph winds outside, you didn't real feel like flying or the Clippers just keep your spirits down yet again (you know what my case would be), a classic 2005 song has reminded me, without getting all nostalgic, about why we do stay in sometimes on a weekend.

We reflect.

We all need time to ourselves. Check emails, read something non-school related, etc.

Brit dance-rockers Bloc Party came onto the American scene with this song in Saturn and Ford ads in the late '05. I think the music video is just as important as the song itself, because they both play off one another in a "above the clouds, yet down on the leaves" kind of way. "So Here We Are" is one of the finest ballads in the punk-dance-rock revolution that we have experienced in the past few years.

It sings of love. Just love. Whether it be of friends, long lost or up-and-coming. Sometimes it's all we need.

Or you could just watch "Cocktail" like I did, and watch Cruise just ball it up on-screen.

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