08 January 2009

Empire of the Sun- Walking on a Dream

Its always great to be in college. On one hand, you have your times and experiences at base camp, your campus. Then eventually, everyone goes their separate ways throughout college. Some study abroad. Some do summer internships in far off places. Some even follow their significant other, tail between their legs, to wherever that leads them (usually to a demented twist of relationship Facebook status).

Lucky for us, every brings their stories, cultural learning's, and music along with them. Now I'm not saying this post is going to change your life (please keep reading even after I said that), but this is one of those fortunate passings that has graced the blog today.

A friend who is studying in the land down under, where the toilets flush the wrong way and its full time summer break there right now, sent me the "Aussie MGMT" as he calls them. Empire of the Sun, taken after the outstanding novel, and Steven Speilberg adaptation (starring a very young Christian Bale) is like the MGMT in many ways.

For one, they take the psychedelics in their music waaay to seriously, inside and out of the music. Their theatrics, storylines, and background just oooze decadence and indulgence on themselves. But, at the same time, their music is a breath of fresh air. The snappy hooks, beats, and falsetto vocals breath light. Their promo posters and look are a cross between Star Wars and Captain EO, and their sound and lyrics isn't much different. Like MGMT, they look how they sound.

Their debut, Walking on a Dream, is also the title track and debut single, which is burning up the Australian Charts, clubs, bars, parties, etc. Like most dance/indie artists, it has taken some time to infiltrate the main-scene, thus of course finally coming across the Pacific to yours truly.

Is it as big as their epic space-filled posters, makeup and music videos (shot in Shanghai)? No, but it will make you dance in your underwear.

Empire of the Sun (Official Website)

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