22 January 2009

Pepperdine/Gonzaga Live Blog

6:12- Gonzaga has gone out to a 12-0 to start the game and this is just getting out of hand. Like shooting fish in a very, very tiny barrell.

6:14- The Zags have taken a comaning lead in the game, thanks to the inside-outside of Heytvelt and Matt Bouldin. The Waves have no chance as Austin Daye made it 15-0.

6:18- My boy Mychel Thompson makes a bucket to make it 2-17, with 13:39 left in the first half. Nothing has gone well with the Thompson family, as his dad Mychal just got cut from his radio show

6:21- Pepperdine finally showing that they have more life than Brett Michaels ladies tits, quick scores have the game at 1/4 of what it is (forgive my math) after Dane Suttle hits a three with 11:25 remaining to keep the score somewhat close at 10-21

7:05- 2nd half has started, the D-League chants for Heytvelt have begun. Yes. Oh ,and the "Yes, We Can" for the 'Dine.

6:51:- Gonzaga didn't nesessarily "pullout" of this game, yet. The beatdown that we have recieved the last three years has been a lot more than what we have revcieved today. The Zags have done a great job spreading and attacking our zone, as well as constricitng us the first half of the first half (too much?). There is no doubt in anyone's mind that they are a top team in the nation, and they are proving it.

The question is, can Pepperdine prove them wrong?

6:26- Gus Clardy comes into the game. Yeah, its that bad.

6:32- Things are starting to go Pepperidne's way, reserve center for the Zags Will Foster mised a dunk and Keion Bell just drew an offensive foul with 7 min remaining in the first half. My god this has gone slowly.

6:38- The crowd has ever-so filled out, thanks to Los Angeles traffic, and we are looking at about 80% capacity. The game has slowly turned into a turnover crowd, with 3 back-to-back turnovers. Daye just made a tough layup for the And-1. Does Pepperdine have a chance. As much as a chance of you betting on the Arizona Cardinals a month before the season started to make the Superbowl.

6:42- So has the 'Dine been succesful in destroying my horrible bet against them. Well, yes. I took the spread. I'm not gonna lie. They have the 3 points at home that I thought they weren't going to. The spread is officially 27 tonight, and my faithful Waves are cheating on me my nine almost at the half. They are playing somewhat well though, considering Gonzaga is (what I think) a great tournament team.

6:48- Keion Bell hits a tough jumper in the lane and suddenly we are somehow down 11. I BET ON GONZAGA. Jesus. Why do i constantly dissaprove Jesus?!??!

6:55- The first half! Well, so far, so good...in my sports book. Look, we knew we weren't going to beat the Zags, but at the same time we hope for something competitive. The Waves have done a great job staying in this game, as opposed to the Saint Mary's game which we essentially over by the 16-1 run SMC had to start the game with.

We are down 19, there is no doubt, but once again, I will make sure. We cover the spread, I will rage.
Half-time score- 45-26.

It's really been Keion and Mychel keeping us in this game on O and D. Once again we have more turnovers than assists, and I think the only chance we have at winning a game is if we change that stat to the positive.

7:09- We are only down by nine. Let me say that again, WE ARE ONLY DOWN BY NINE. Hard to believe, but Keion and the greatest name to say in sports, Mike Hornbuckle, have gone on a 9-0 run to cut the lead to nine, 34-45 (now 11, 34-48), and the Waves might MIGHT have some life in them. High tide anyone?

7:13- Only down by 14, the Waves need to get a stop every time down the court.

7:18- The game has gotten signifigantly quicker, as both teams are running and gunnin' up and down the court to make everyone in the Fieldhouse excited. Lets put it this way, I BET ON GONZAGA TO COVER 27 POINTS. I will except my defeat, its worth the $10 a threw on the game.

7:21- A blue shirt with a blue tie Asbury? Really?

7:23- The rebounding for the Waves has just become a "who can tip better" matchup. The Waves are never rebounding solidly, just tipping to each other, I and fully believe that is causing the margin of score, somewhat.

7:27- answer for answer, the Zags have been step for step, (another close analogy here) and are just plain better, apparently not enough to cover my $10.

7:33- 7:59 remaing in the 2nd half, and once again I am losing $10, becuase of the spread. Although I am very VERY excited the girl found the gift check on the floor during a media timeout. SUPER EZxcited!.

I just tried to talk to an ESPN Magazine reporter and he really wasn't as excited as the former ones to be here at the Fieldhouse. I wonder why? Maybe because this game hasn't been exciting since 2003?

7:35- We get some help form Micah Downs on a tip-in, but then he hits a jumper ten seconds later to totally redeem himself (as opposed to 40 mpg on this hog). He still got a girl preggers in WA, I know this.

7:40- Micah realizes that he has to tend to his bench warmer duties, something he needs to get used to in the NBA, as Taylor Darby shoots a 1-and-1 to once again KILL MY BET.F!.

7:45- This has been by far the most competitive game I have seen the Waves play against Gonzaga. To say that I have hope for the future is like saying the Yankees will sign someone for another $100 million contract in the next 5 years. I have hope for the cheerleading squad, the events, the new Fieldhouse to be filled with people. YES WE CAN!

7:49- 63-78, there goes my bet.

7:53- Final score: 69-83. The Waves kept it close throughout the game. I think this is a stepping stone that they can build on to at least keep their spirits high with this "loss," considering a loss was expected to be in the range of 30 points.

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