14 July 2009

Brand New-Daisy Preview

Brand New's forthcoming album, Daisy, has been set to be release September 22 (an avid fan might use some vulgarity to explain their feelings of the continued postponement of the album). But this antsy fan can rest assure that the next album will be just as different as The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me. Jesse Lacey's comments on the new album alludes to the fact that this could be the band's last chapter in their musical odyssey. Let it be clear that the new tracks are meant to be experienced, meaning get your ass to a concert even if you don't have a job, rather than a merely repeated LP in the whip. Here is one of the songs off the new album at their July 11 show in Brooklyn. The song is more than mellow and the crowd reflects this mood, but at a Brand New concert most of the audience is swaying to simple tones that barely slide past the THC bouncers anyway.*

LOP Track Grade-6.5

This is a much better video of another new track, Gasoline.

LOP Track Grade-8

*See my pictures from the concert in Amsterdam

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