12 July 2009

A Summer Band Fling

Driving down through Koreatown and into West LA, I noticed that Phoenix's upcoming (and now past) concert was placed right alongside a fitting tribute to "The King of Pop," Mr. Michael Jackson.

I think it is also fitting that as we will continue to have Mr. Jackson's legacy (good and bad) and his family's future legal troubles thrown upon us all summer long, I give you my media-attention whore at the moment, those French dudes from Phoenix. (I also found it fitting that they gave a tribute to the man at a recent concert in Denver, staying afterwards and throwing a huge "Thriller" album dance party, posted last.)

Phoenix is destined be the next "French fry" if you will from France. Their latest, "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix," is by far their best, tightest and most productive/rewarding album to date, but I highly recommend you go back in their catalog to see how their friendships with both Daft Punk and Air (grew up in the same neighborhood) has heavily influenced the AM-radio/early 70's radio on the French quartet. (I'm 3-for-3 in turning my friends on to them.)

So as the summer hits its stride (and halfway point), the heat becomes sweltering and swampy-assed, remember that at the end of the day you can grab a cold one, throw a party, and have Phoenix as the background noise.

Enjoy some recent killer live performances and get litzomanic.

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