20 July 2009

Coldplay- Strawberry Swing

Upon my first few listens of Coldplay's latest effort, the most "experimental" track out of the bunch was "Strawberry Swing" towards the end of the great fourth effort from the Brits. It bounced and rolled with Afro-pop guitars, falsetto vocals, percussion faded in-and-out and perfectly complimented the dream landscape vocalist Chris Martin painted.

I always took the track literally, always painting the "sitting underneath the oak tree, possibly on a swing in the English countryside" loll that the Afro-pop guitars and swirling violons put you into. But what Coldplay (and the directive team behind the video) has done to in the mere context of words I cannot find --reimagine-- this song is one of the most beautiful, imaginative and heartfelt videos of our generation. We are swept into a childlike, playground/street fantasy that who knows, maybe Martin's child Apple came up with. This video not only changes your opinion/form on the song, but I think personally challenges myself to try and be as creative in my lifetime.

Think Up!, and remember, don't look down, because you're already there.

(Ed. note: This version is pirated, I know that sexpot Katy Perry is trailing behind the end of Strawberry Swing for some unknown reason (but I mean, who wouldn't want Perry trailing you right?). The video just came out today and LOP wanted to get it to you ASAP. I will update and embed a better version as soon it Coldplay puts it up on their channel in HD. Family Force 5's Dance or Die video should be coming around soon as well.)

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