29 June 2009

Jay-Z- D.O.A. (Death of AutoTune)

One of the many many conversations I had with my (sadly, now we're older) college friends on the balcony of our buddies pad overlooking all of Los Angeles (sadly, the bad parts) of course brought the attention of the Michael Jackson passing.

We slowly turned away from talking about Jackson (because of course, it slowly starts to get into the weird stratosphere) and moved into artists and album that we felt reflected our lives, and the levels of excitement they caused.

Surprisingly most of us agreed on Jay-Z's The Black Album as something we actually remember physically purchasing. To hear about one of the supposed "greatest rappers of all time" (certainly the most successful) retiring at the top of his game.

Myself, Nov. 14, 2003 was one of the first days I skipped a class. I was 16, had a truck and was willing to be the first person to blast the opening "Dec. 4th" as loud as the stock F-150 would allow. Best Buy opened first, and my mission was complete. A defining moment in my music fandom.

Well...we all know what happened after that breif retirement, and now Jay-Z brings us the long-awaited Blueprint 3 for LiveNation(?).

Jigga, the day you beat LeBron in streetball is the day I forgive you making me skip class.

LOP Track Grade- 6.5

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