21 June 2009

Top Singles of 2009 and their remixes

I think one of the few actual positive to come out of the decline of the music industry is that techonolgy has allowed anyone and everyone to breakdown well....literally everything about music. Apple especially has done an amazing job to create and evolve their products such as Garage Band and Pro Tools to help even the coolest, most badass Haiwaiin emo-remix-rappers get their things heard stateside.

I bring this up because I am working on some reviews and lists for this site being we are officially halfway through this year and the seasons they bring. One of them is going through the best tracks of the year, and no doubt Phoenix's 1901, Animal Collectives My Girls and The Black Eyed Peas Boom Boom Pow will top that list when it's done.

If you notice....these tracks almost borrow from each other in a good way. Popular music is picking up on the things band on the indie side (like a Phoenix and AC) have been doing for the last four years-- making dance music without it really being labeled in the techno/house. V-necks and jeans, not pacifiers and glowsticks.

And where I think this trend has picked up is YouTube. People (like our favorite Haiwaiin noted above) can take music and interpret to their own styles, likes and dislikes. You don't have to just throw on a uptemo time signature anymore. You can pick apart the pieces, throw it against a canvas and add your own paint to the mix, creating something highly unique and standalone as art. Here are my three favorite remixes of my three favorite songs (so far, but it will be hard to top-- here's hoping the Dr. comes out to play):

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