07 June 2009

Paradise Deferred

Since I am posting up in a little shack on the beach for the week (ok, so it has TV, wireless internet, a sports bar a block down). I am going to be finding a good place to skim board here this afternoon, then watch game 2 of the NBA finals, then continue to drink my XXs in the hammock.

You can get all the analysis of the Finals that you need over at Rather Red's new blogspot, because well-- he just loves the NBA more than me and it takes two hands to dissect game 2, and my beer-in-hand policy for the rest of the weekend will not allow this to happen.

Things to look forward to:
  • Taking Back Sunday album review
  • Grizzly Bear album review
  • Phoenix album review
  • The Hangover review (if you haven't seen it, don't wait for any review)
  • Animal Collective concert review/ D-Rock and his friend Brenden's Excellent Adventure
  • An excerpt from my book about this summer (which will eventually turn into one of those backdrops for the Dodgers winning the World Series
  • Some form of breakdown of the Finals after they leave L.A. I smell JJ Reddick shutting down Kobe today. (Article 2)

1 comment:

Rather Red said...

That's too nice of a photo... I'm jealous. Especially in shitty June Gloom.