15 June 2009

White Rabbits- Percussion Gun/ It's Frightening

At present, NY-via-Mizzou sextet White Rabbits have more buzz about them than a honey farm (pssst, bees make honey). They’ve got the songs, the looks, the swagger and now the video.

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Music Video from White Rabbits on Vimeo.

Their new album, It's Frightening (judging a book by its cover would seem so) is a perfect blend of the sparse punk and multi-instrumentation/genres they displayed on their debut and an added touch of rhythm from Spoon's leader Britt Daniel. Frightening goes from Spoon-style acoustic grooves to menacing crack-hop beats (like "Percussion Gun" above) to Radiohead-esque influences on piano and percussion ("The Company I Keep," "The Salesmen").

Frightening is one of the best "out-there"/indie/non-mainsteam releases so far of this mid-way point of 2009. While it won't make most Top 10s (probably including this one), it is certainly not a sophomore slump, as WR have found a producer (Daniel) that is at the point right now, better at their type of music than themselves.

All they need now is for a major media outlet to give them some exposure, so hopefully someone else will pick this up. (They have: Letterman, posted below)

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